Hunt Us Down

Hunt Us Down is back this week!  Hit the battlefields and keep your eyes peeled for the Wargaming tanks.  If you destroy one, you’ll win some gold!

  • The contest will be running from 18th March, 06:10 CET (05:10 GMT) until 22th March 06:00 CET (05:00 GMT). That’s right – you can meet our Wargaming tanks in battle any time throughout the day and evening.
  • There are no fixed sessions for certain tiers.  Vehicles of any and all tiers can be found at any time.
  • The rewards system for this contest is now fully automated.  Winners will be rewarded straight after the match by the system.  There is no need to take any screenshots.
  • A player who successfully destroys the Wargaming tank will receive 500. Team-killing is still against the rules – if you team-kill the Wargaming tank, not only will you win nothing, but you’ll get a caution and be flagged as a team killer as well! 
  • Please be aware that there is no reward for defending the vehicle. However, whilst the enemy team is busy hunting the tank, there could be an ideal opening to go out and capture the base or take down your enemy!

In order to help you identify the target, all Wargaming tanks will be sporting a fashionable golden camouflage design.

As well as the golden camouflage, the Hunt Us Down vehicles are part of the HUD1 clan. In addition, their names will be marked on the battlescreen and team lists with a special symbol.

That’s it for the rules! You could meet the golden tanks at any time simply by joining a random battle.


Good luck hunting the golden tanks!

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