Hunt the Golden Joystick Contest


If you see a golden tank in the battlefield, you are in our new in-game contest: Hunt the Golden Joystick! 



In our on-going fight for the Best MMO Golden Joystick Award, we have decided to offer another contest in our contest marathon, this time an in-game one. The rules are very easy, and familiar to many of you, since they are quite similar to those in Hunt Us Down!  However, there are minor differences you should bear in mind.



Everything will start the minute you see the message “Welcome to Hunt the Golden Joystick Event!» in the chat for both teams before the battle starts. In one of the teams, there will be a platoon consisting of two golden camo tanks, a Tier VII heavy tank Tiger (P) and a Tier I Leichttraktor.

If this platoon is in the enemy team, the goal is to destroy one or both of these two golden vehicles. If the platoon is in your own team, the goal is to protect and preserve the Leichttraktor from being destroyed.

Needless to say, team-killing is strictly forbidden and intentional team-kills will be punished.

The idea is to protect the Golden Leichttraktor as if it was the Golden Joystick Award from others. That’s why it will wander around with a big brother, the Tiger (P) to make sure it feels safer, but of course we ask the help of team mates to offer it full protection from the enemy!

The timeframe for the contest will be from October the 1st until October 11th. That means you have 10 days to meet the golden tanks and get some gold.



For enemy team:

  • Destroying the Golden Tiger (P): 500 Gold (automatically added to the player’s account after the battle)
  • Destroying the Golden Leichttraktor: 500 Gold (automatically added to the player’s account after the battle)


For own team:

  • If the Golden (Leichttraktor) is still alive at the end of the battle, every team member receives 200 Gold. In this case, the gold will be in the player’s account within the next 72 hours after the battle.  

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