[VIDEO] Heroes found!



Recently we sought out to find the biggest and bravest heroes amongst you in our ‘Hero wanted’ contest*. Now the results are in, and we know who truly reigned supreme and can call themselves rightfully Kolobanov Heroes. We want to thank you all for participating so eagerly in this contest.

*over 300 participants in total

And now it’s time to reveal the winners in the list below. All winners are rewarded with 2.500 gold.

  • CarmanV8
  • Dahui
  • dibb8787
  • Gold97
  • HgTobsen
  • Konrad_Weinert
  • Pala
  • PanGoliat
  • Premislaus
  • SundayS

Check out this video that we’ve made for you, compiling some of the highlights of this great event.

Again, congratulations to all of you!

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