Guess Where – now with more chances to win!


It is time for the new session of the Guess Where contest, in which we ask you to show off your eye for the detail by identifying both the tank and the map where it is located.

The prize system has changed, giving you more chances to win! Read onwards to learn more, and follow the link to take part.

The next session of the contest will begin on Tuesday, November 20th at 18:30 CET (17:30 GMT) and will last for 4 days. As usual, the contest picture will be posted in the dedicated forum.

Your task is to figure out the name of the map and the location (A1, B4, etc.), as well as the name of the vehicle shown in the masked picture.  You also will have to explain your answer with a short sentence.

Rules :

  • When you are sure you know the square of the map this picture is from and the vehicle it shows, send us your answer with the subject line of “Guess Where " (in English) and your in-game name.  

Example : Subject:  Guess Where – Pseudo12
Map : Prokhorovka, C6
Tank : T-127
Why : I see the … and the … 

  • Feel free to write your explanation text in your native language, but please make sure you send it to the correct e-mail address with the correct subject line or your entry not will be accepted! Note:  Only entries submitted in one of the six officially supported languages (EN, DE, FR, ES, PL or CZ) will be eligible for winning.
  • Only one entry per player is allowed
  • After receiving the first two correct answers, we will pick two correct entries that feature the best description of how you were able to guess the tank, map and location.  These will be rewarded as shown below.
  • If you are unable to find the right answer on the first day, don’t worry!  We will reveal a little more of the picture on each of the following days. But greater information comes with a price. The reward you will receive will reduce the more days it takes to uncover the secret.



Right answer during Tuesday:


Right answer during Wednesday:


Right answer during Thursday:


Right answer during Friday:



After receiving the first two correct answers, we will pick two correct entries that feature the best description of how you were able to guess the tank, map and location.  These will be rewarded as follows:


Two best descriptions on Tuesday:


Two best descriptions on Wednesday:


Two best descriptions on Thursday and Friday:


Note: The new winners (those who send the best explanation for their guesses) are only selected once we have the first two winners.  For example, if the two correct answers come on the Wednesday, the new winners will be start being picked on Wednesday, so there will be two winners of 500 gold and four winners of 250 gold (two on Thursday and two on Friday).


To participate in the contest, please follow the rules in the forum.

The winners will be announced at the same time as the announcement for next week’s Guess Where contest.

Good luck and have fun!


Last Week’s Winners 

Thank you all for participating in the previous Guess Where Contest. Many of you took part in this contest by trying to find out not only the name of the map, but also the exact coordinates and the tank hidden in the picture. Check out the full picture without the mask below:

It was the American tier II light tank, the T2 Light Tank on the Redshire map, H8 coordinates. 

Some clues you could have used to identify it were:

First the hints for the tank:

  1. There were few elements of the tanks visible on the screen. The colour of the tank suggested that it was most likely an American tank.
  2. Top of the turret and part of the gun are clearly visible, implying that the tank must be small, most likely one of the American Light Tanks.  This is especially true when you compare the size of gun and part of the barrel on the left.
  3. The gun and turret top are rather typical and rule out most American Light Tanks, with one exception. The exception is T2 light tank.


Secondly, the hints for the map and location:

  1. Looking at the grass, visible trees and the sky you could rule out the winter and desert maps.
  2. Perhaps the most typical element of the environment visible in the picture is a big barrel, apparently next to a house. One of the few maps with such a feature is Redshire.
  3. Judging by the barrel, its location next to a house which is partially visible as well as the elements of foliage you could check that the Redshire is the only map that matches all the elements and the position is H8


 The winners are listed below, rewarded as in the rules (as per last week's contest). 



Time of Guess


2000 Day: 1 19:32



Day: 1 19:54



Day: 1 20:10



Day: 1 20:26



Day: 2 18:44



Day: 2 18:50

Happy guessing!

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