Guess What#4

Our last week's picture was hard to guess but some of you gave the correct answer faster than we thought you would.  As you may know already the tank on the picture was BT-7, the Soviet tier III light tank. 

Here it comes the next session of "Guess What". So be ready! Tomorrow Tuesday, March 27th at 18:30 CET (5:30pm GMT), we will unveil a little part of a new pic in a new forum thread. 

The picture will be posted here. It will be activated precisely at 18:30 CET (5:30pm GMT). Not earlier not later!

Your task is to figure out what is the name and the type of the presented vehicle. But if you think it will be easy, you’re wrong. Only a very small part of tank will be revealed at first. Don't forget to explain why you have chosen this particular vehicle: it’s not about getting a correct answer by simply making a lucky guess, but also to have a decent knowledge of the game and a good eye for details!

However, if you won’t give the correct answer during the first day, we will add more hints in subsequent days. But everything has its price. Reward goes down with every passing day!


Only the first player with a correct answer will be rewarded.

Right answer during Tuesday:

2000 gold

Right answer during Wednesday:

1000 gold

Right answer during Thursday:

500 gold

Right answer during Friday:

250 gold

To participate in the contest, please follow the rules in the forum

Good luck!

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