Guess What gamescom Special



You may have heard about the weekly Guess What contest, in which we gradually reveal part of a picture of a tank, and you have to work out which vehicle it is.

However, due to gamescom this week, the contest is going to be huge!  First, it will take place in four sessions, from Thursday to Sunday, and it will happen live at our Wargaming booth at gamescom.  Of course, you can play even if you are not in Cologne – our live stream and chat allows you to participate from wherever you are.

Date Hour
Thursday 16th August 18:00 CEST (16:00 GMT)
Friday 17th August 18:30 CEST (16:30 GMT)
Saturday 18th August

15:00 CEST (13:00 GMT

18:30 CEST (16:30 GMT)

Sunday 19th August 11:30 CEST (09:30 GMT)
How to play from your home

First, you have to create an account on the live video chat application to be able to send your answer. We recommend you to create it before the starting of the contest so that you are familiar with it.  To do this, you need to go to the live stream channel, and then click on the logo « own3D » in the video.  Afterwards, you will be able to access to the Wargaming account on the own3D website where you should create an account to be able to chat, at the right side of the video. Be quick to answer in the chat!

Each session of the special gamescom Guess What contest will feature two planes and three tanks to identify, and the first five players that will give to us a correct answer on the chat streaming will win 1000 gold!


If you are at gamescom

If you are attending gamescom, don’t miss your chance and just visit us at the Wargaming booth at the times indicated in the table.

You can win fabulous prizes, such as unique in-game tanks, goodie bags and WoWp Beta access keys at the booth!

Are you ready to compete with other players at the same time? Synchronise your watches and be ready to answer as fast as you can!


Last Week's Winners

Thank you all for participating in last week's Guess What contest. Many of you took part in this contest by trying to find out the name of the tank hidden in the picture. The winners are finally listed here. They all win 2000 gold, the maximal reward, for answering during the first day of the contest. Congratulations to all !

  • MerekavaHUN
  • MajorInsane
  • RollingMetal
  • kevdu2564
  • Vredny
  • McLoughlin


Enjoy this week’s edition of the contest, and we hope to see you numbers at gamescom and on the live chat!

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