Ask our developers at gamescom 2017!


During gamescom 2017, we are going to have several top people from the World of Tanks team checking in, such as Slava Makarov and Anton Pankov. Alongside sharing information about the game's future content and plans on stage, they will also answer your most pressing questions related to World of Tanks.

Hit the button below to head over to the forum and post your question from 3 August to 15 August at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2). The best ones will be answered by the World of Tanks team at the World of Tanks party and subsequently posted on our portal, so use your chance wisely!


Attention! The forum thread, accessible via the button above, hides the posts automatically to prevent any discussions in this thread, which means you'll only be able to see your own posts, but not anyone else's. This will make it easier for us to find the best questions for the developers. Thank you for your understanding!


Roll Out!