Friday the 13th: Kill the Courier


Get in line to win 250 gold and participate in Kill the Courier event on Friday the 13th.

Starting from 14:00 until 22:00 GMT  from 13 January through 15 January five Courier_WG players will be ploughing battlefields in search of an easy prey.

Don’t let the Couriers anywhere near your bases. Find them, get them into your line of fire, and knock them out.

Important! You have to submit screenshots proving your kill. Players, who destroy Couriers but fail to submit the proof, will not get the promised reward. Please do get those screenshots.

We remind you that only enemy Couriers should be destroyed as team kill and team damage are prohibited and punished within WoT.

The Couriers will ride under the following nicknames:

  • Courier_WG
  • Courier_WG2
  • WG_courier3
  • WG_courier4
  • WG_courier5

And will use the following vehicles:


  • RenaultFT
  • D1
  • AMX 38
  • AMX 40
  • AMX 12t



  • T1 Cunningham
  • T2 Medium Tank
  • M2 Medium Tank
  • M4 Sherman



  • Leichttraktor
  • PzKpfw 38H735 (F)
  • PzKpfw III
  • Marder II
  • Stug III



  • MS-1
  • T-26
  • SU-76
  • T-34
  • MkVII Tetrarch

Let’s lock and load!

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