End of the Year Contest [UPDATE 21-12-11]

Commanders, Comrades, Dear Players!

End of the year draw is close and Wargaming would like to celebrate the holiday season with an unique event. We created a special contest to rejoice the New Year with you and to thank all of our players with tons of prizes.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a well experienced Commander; everyone has the chance to win. What really matters is the experience you have gained, not the amount of battles you have won.

Each day there will be several mice, headphones and mouse pads to be won!

The event starts 23.12.2011 and lasts until 28.12.2011.

Event details:

  • There will be three different categories:
    • Category 1: Tier I-III vehicles
    • Category 2: Tier IV-VII vehicles
    • Category 3: Tier VIII -X + all premium vehicles
  • You can participate in all categories every day, at the same time, but only one prize will be awarded per player. However, you can still post screenshots to increase your chances of winning a laptop.
  • We will give away prizes every day – by participating every day you will increase your chances of winning.
  • Winners will be announced every day – should you win multiple prizes you will only receive the highest one.
  • Every participant who made at least one valid entry in any category will be included in the final random raffle draw to win a laptop – the winners of laptops will be announced at the end of the event. Every valid entry gives you one extra chance for a laptop, up to 18 entries (6 days  and 3 Categories).
  • Participation in all three categories will increase your chances of winning a laptop.
  • Every participant has to take a garage screenshot which shows  the time, date and achievements of a battle, and then post it on our forums (one screenshots in total per a contest entry).
  • Example: 
    (Click the button pointed by the red arrow to show the battle log.)
  • Only Standard Battle are valid entries.
  • All participants are considered equal,  whether they have  a premium account or not. Premium account owners’ experience bonus will be counted towards their final experience score.
  • It’s up to each player whether they want to play their first day battle with doubled experience. Only the base amount of experience (without the multiplier) will be considered.

Experienced Commander Competition Rules:

There will be one criterion to participate and  another  to choose winners out of all participants.

  • To participate in the commander’s competition you need to have 500 exp points and at least one of the achievements, e.g. Sniper, Top Gun, Steel Wall etc.
  • The winners will be chosen according to the amount of experienced gained.

So for every category there will be 4 commanders who will win prizes based on their amount of earned experience, the highest amount wins the best prize, etc.

Random Raffle Rules:

Everyone can participate in the random raffle. All you have to do is post screenshots of your daily battles where you have earned more than 500 experience points.

Only one entry per category thread is allowed!

Participation Rules:

We will give out 24 prizes per day in total: 12 prizes for experienced commanders and 12 prizes  through a random raffle system.

There will be 3 threads in the Contests Section (one for each category); in these threads you can post your garage screenshots with time, date and battle achievements to participate.

Each thread will be open from 11:00 to 23:00 CET (10:00 – 22:00 GMT). Players can make only one post in each category thread but they can edit their post later during the day until 23:00 CET. For instance, in the Commander Competition: you post your first screenshots with your achievements and the amount of experience gained at 11:00 and in the evening you have a better battle and would like to use the stats from that battle. So you just edit your post from 11:00 and update it with the latest screenshots. Only screenshots taken between 00:00  and 23:00 CET (23:00 previous day and 22:00 GMT) will be considered to enter the competition.

At 23:00 CET we will close the 3 threads for the day and start to check the results from the Commander Competition, as soon as we have the 12 winners, we will take all other participants and throw them into a big raffle where the winners will be randomly selected by computer.

Thank you very much for participating in the End of the Year contest.
Due to the overwhelming amount of entries, we will progressively announce the winners starting Tuesday the 27th.

After 6 days in this contest we will take all participants (commanders and all others) and throw them into one big random raffle for the 3 big main prizes, “the WoT Laptops”.

We will record the draw and post winners’ names plus the draw video on EU WoT portal within the first two weeks of January.

Let the good times begin!

List of prizes :

Screen : 17.3’'
Graphic card: NVidia GeForce 555M 2048MB DDR3
CPU: Intel iCore i7 2670QM 2.2 Ghz
RAM: 4Gb

36 Headsets: Roccat Kave     
36 Mice: Roccat Kova


72 Metal Mouse pads

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