End of the Year Contest

2012 is almost over and we intend to close it out with the bang that it deserves. As such, we’ve prepared our End of the Year Contest where tons of presents await those who show off their amazing tanker skills. All you have to do to participate is grab your favourite tank and earn as much experience with it as possible!

Every day, for seven days straight, we’ll be rewarding the top players with keyboards, headsets, mice, premium tanks, premium playtime and a healthy chunk from that prize pool of over half a million gold!  What’s more, the highest scorers over the week could win a fully expenses-paid trip to Tiger Day at Bovington Tank museum in the UK.  Read on to learn more!


Here’s how the End of the Year Contest will work:



The objective is simple. Score as much experience as possible with the tank of your choice. Record the replay of it, and send it to us along with a screenshot of your battle statistics to validate your submission.  Easy!


Daily Rewards

Now let’s talk about what you can win! Every day, we’ll be reviewing who has scored the most points in each of the categories. Then we’ll proceed to reward the top 10 players in every one of our three groups. Seven days of the week, three categories, ten winners per category. That’s 30 winners per day and 210 winners total! Yes, you heard right. Over two hundred players can look forward to one of the following prizes:

  1. ROCCAT Keyboard, KV-5 (Soviet Tier VIII heavy tank), 3 months premium, 5000
  2. ROCCAT Headset, KV-5 (Soviet Tier VIII heavy tank), 3 months premium, 5000
  3. ROCCAT Mouse, KV-5 (Soviet Tier VIII heavy tank), 3 months premium, 5000
  4. KV-5 (Soviet Tier VIII heavy tank), 3 months premium, 2500
  5. KV-5 (Soviet Tier VIII heavy tank), 3 months premium, 2500
  6. PzKpfw IV Schmalturm (German Tier VI medium tank), 3 months premium, 1000
  7. PzKpfw IV Schmalturm (German Tier VI medium tank), 3 months premium, 1000
  8. PzKpfw IV Schmalturm (German Tier VI medium tank), 3 months premium, 1000
  9. PzKpfw IV Schmalturm (German Tier VI medium tank), 3 months premium, 1000
  10. PzKpfw IV Schmalturm (German Tier VI medium tank), 3 months premium, 1000
ROCCAT Isku FX Gaming keyboard ROCCAT Kulo Headset ROCCAT Kova [+]Mouse


Please note that you’ll be able to win one of the above prizes only once. If you happen to be in the top 10 on multiple days, only your best result will be counted. All of your additional but lower rankings in the top 10 will not be taken into account, but you will still be rewarded with 1000. This gold compensation for when you have already won one of the main prizes can be awarded multiple times.


Grand Prize

In addition to that, once the contest results for all seven days are in, we’ll give out an extra prize to the top 3 overall winners of each category! For each group, the three players with the biggest XP score of all the combined results of the competition will win an all-expenses-paid trip to Bovington (UK) for the big ‘Tiger Day’ event


What is included?
  • A premium ticket for Tiger Day.
  • Full travel costs from your home country
  • Overnight accommodation in the UK

What is Tiger Day? Bovington Tank Museum has the only working example of a Tiger I in the world!  On the 30th March 2013, they are holding Tiger Day, an event which will let you get closer to this legendary vehicle than ever before.  As a holder of an exclusive premium ticket, you will get close-up tours of the Tiger I, Panzer III, Panzer IV and Panther.  You’ll be able to see the Tiger in action and then go behind the arena scenes to meet the crew, and then to see the restoration facilities at the museum.  This is an amazing opportunity for all tank-lovers!



The contest kicks off on Monday, December 24th and runs through Sunday, December 30th.


Submission Categories
  • Junior: Tiers I – III
  • Fighter: Tiers IV - VIII
  • Warrior: Tiers IX - X + ALL premiums


Where to send your submission

Drop us an e-mail with your XP score, the replay file and the screenshot of the after-battle statistics to one of the following addresses, depending on which tank you drove:

Please make sure that you format the subject line of your e-mail as follows: [XP scored][Tank used][Your Nickname][Day of the contest]

Example: [2435][T 71][Heart_Tiger][Day 1]

Use the following tags to designate which day of the competition you’re participating in:

  • 24rd – Day 1
  • 25th – Day 2
  • 26th – Day 3
  • 27th – Day 4
  • 28th – Day 5
  • 29th – Day 6
  • 30th – Day 7


  • Depending on when you played your game, your submission will be attributed to the current day and category of the competition (restrictions apply as shown below). Valid entries are from games played during the contest period, with days starting at 00:00 CET (23:00 GMT) and ending at 23:59 CET (22:59 GMT).
  • The submission window for each day ends at noon (12:00 CET / 11:00 GMT) of the following day. This means that if you play a game that you would like to submit for the contest, you have until noon of the following day to send it to us. Past that deadline, we determine our daily winners and can no longer accept your submission – even if you may have scored a higher score than the established winner.
  • In order for us to be able to check your result, you have to include the replay file and a screenshot of your battle statistics in your e-mail.
  • The bonus XP you gain from having a Premium account counts for the contest. However, the double XP reward for first victory and the extra XP for battle heroe does not count! 
  • We only count battles fought in random battle mode.


Announcement of the Results

We will announce the winners on the portal at the beginning of January. The prizes will then be transferred to your accounts (for the digital goodies) or be shipped to your home (for the hardware items) as soon as we confirm your delivery address.
Details on how the trip to the UK will be organised will be shared directly with the winners of the Grand Prize.


To sum it all up


There’s an incredible stuffed present bag which includes 21 keyboards, headsets and mice, 210 premium subscriptions worth 1.5 million gold, 210 premium tanks with a combined value of 1.2 million gold, and of course that shiny gold itself, with over half a million waiting to find its way into your game accounts. But that’s not all! We’re also giving away 9 trips to Bovington (UK) for ‘Tiger Day’– a priceless gift really, and a great opportunity to see real tanks in action!

All you have to do to get one of these prizes is fire up your engine and roll out on the battlefields of World of Tanks with the vehicle of your choice. Don’t forget to send your entries and bear in mind that there is a daily submission deadline for each day of the contest!


Let the End of the Year 2012 contest begin and may the best win!