Easter Eggs on Our Portal!

UPDATE 21/04: It seems like you already found a lot of the lost eggs! When we went to check on the portal, we stumbled upon another basket and more eggs flew out, can you believe it? But we are sure you will find them as well. Happy hunting!
UPDATE 22/04: You have found all the lost eggs! Thank you for your help, and congratulations to the lucky winners!

Happy Easter, commanders!

We hope that you enjoy a lovely Easter with your family and friends. We are looking forward to a little break and lots of chocolate eggs as well. Unfortunately, when we were just on our way out of the office, we dropped a few of the Easter eggs that were supposed to be the decoration for your garage. Now, they are scattered all over worldoftanks.eu instead. Well, not really all over. We only had the news articles of the past two weeks open, some content pages (e.g. Newcomer's Guide), a few tank guides and maybe a video page or two. Maybe you can help us find them?

Have a look around the portal and if you spot an egg, it is yours to keep! Rumour has it that equipment, paint, Personal Reserves and even a little bit of Premium Account time are hidden inside the eggs. Don’t lose too much time, because only the fastest egg hunters will be able to secure a reward.

Important: Each Easter egg has a unique bonus code associated to it. These bonus codes can only be activated once per account and have a limited number of activations. To see the bonus code, hover your cursor over the egg. If you are on a mobile device, open or save the image – the bonus code is the filename of the egg.

Once you found a code, go to the Premium Shop to redeem it.



Good luck, commanders, and as always... roll out!