Tanks vs Zombies Survival Guide


The time everyone feared, has finally come... hungry zombies are rampaging all over the world! Richard 'The_Challenger' Cutland teamed up with Olivia Cox to help her... and you, to survive the apocalypse. Watch now and get to know all the rules needed to not to end up as zombie food.

Protect yourself!

To help you survive the hordes of zombies coming to World of Tanks, The_Challenger has selected a very capable Chinese vehicle, the T-34-3. It has a 122mm gun mounted that will deal massive damage to any opponent you face, and with the recent improvements it became more durable as well. Don't miss out!

The following offer is available from 31 October at 06:00 to 10 November at at 06:00 CET (UTC+1):

The Challenger's Choice: T-34-3




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Roll out!