[UPDATE] Contest: Team Up!


Due to technical reasons it is possible that we did not receive your submission for the contest. The issue has been fixed now.
To be on the safe side, please can you re-send your contest submissions to teamup@wargaming.net. You can send your submission until Sunday, March 3rd, 23:59 CET (22:59 GMT).
We apologize for the inconvenience.



Do you like playing as a lone wolf or do you prefer to rough up your opponents with friends by your side? If you’re a platoon fan, you will be thrilled to know that during this contest, you’ll not only get to do what you love, but will also have a chance to win prizes for your platoon of up to 12,000!

How does it work? During this contest you will have to create a platoon with one or two friends and kick some serious tank tracks! There will be two different contests categories for a 2-man platoon as well as a 3-man platoon. The objective of this contest is to obtain the Crucial Contribution medal and obtain as much experience as possible while doing it! Once you get the medal, just send the entry to the designated contest e-mail address with a proper title and attachments. After you do that, hope that you’ve done the best job there is!

Naturally, apart from the joy of competing, there will also be amazing gold prizes for top 10 winners!  The winning team in each category will receive 12,000 gold to share between them! Are you interested in winning that kind of coin? If yes, it’s time to start kicking up some dirt.


Here is the full list of rules:

  • Players must play in platoons of 2 or 3 players.
  • There are two contest categories – one for two-player platoons and one for three-player platoons.
  • In order to enter the contest, only one member of the platoon needs to submit an entry.  The prize is shared between all members of the platoon.
  • Individual players can enter more than once (as a member of different platoons), or enter both categories. However, it is only possible to win once!  The higher ranking entry will be awarded a prize, and all others discounted.

In order to win, players must obtain the Crucial Contribution medal and earn as much XP as possible (this will be the decisive factor that will determine the winner).

  • Only base XP values are counted. XP bonuses obtained due to premium, bonuses, specials or any other means do not count for the purpose of this contest.
  • If two teams obtain the exact same amount of XP, they will both receive the same prize.
  • Only battles taking place between the 15th and 21st of February are valid for the purposes of this contest.
  • All submissions must be sent to teamup@wargaming.net and the subject line of the email must be in the following format:
    • [Sum of XP gained][Number of players][nicknames]
    • Example: [3800][2][Tuccy, Obirian]
    • Please note that the number should not contain dividers: i.e. [3800] is correct whilst [3.800], [3,800], [3 800] etc. are not.
  • The email must contain the following files:
    • Screenshot 1: Personal score screen of one of the players in the platoon.
    • Screenshot 2: The team score screen.
    • Battle replay.
  • Prizes are the same for both categories (2- and 3-person platoons) and are divided as follows:









4th – 5th


6th – 10th



Now, commanders, it’s time to find your buddy and earn your selves some treasure!

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