Contest: Children contest


Do you have children? Are they restlessly waiting for you to finish your battles? We are introducing you a new creative contest for World of Tanks. Your kids might enjoy it as well as you, and  if you are one of our younger players, feel free to participate yourself!

The contest runs until the 16th of November. So you have got 11 days for your submissions!

The subject chosen for this particular contest is the confrontation that lasted 240 days between Axis and Allied forces in North Africa during the Western Desert Campaign. Some of you may already guess that it's concerning Siege of Tobruk. It started on 11th April 1941 when Tobruk was attacked by Italo-German forces under the command of Lieutenant General Erwin Rommel. The siege lasted for 240 days until November 27th 1941 when it was relieved by the Allied 8th Army during operation Crusader. 


How to participate:

Let your children express their creativity! Let them draw a picture that will display tank(s) which are available in the game and are linked to this particular confrontation of Second World War. Pick your most favorite tank that was exposed in the siege (Brits: Crusader, Matilda; Germans: PzKpfw II., III. and IV.)  and get help from your little ones. The picture should include logo of World of Tanks.



  • Your picture must be hand drawn.  
  • Your drawing needs to display tank/tanks available in the game and it has to be somehow linked with the Siege of Tobruk . 
  • Only one submission per person  

All drawings need to be signed with:  

  • The child full name and surname 
  • Their age  
  • Their parent in game nickname

    • Example: Thomas Mayer, Age: 9, RealSteel

Please send your submission to: in the following format:

Title: Siege of Tobruk _Contest_9* years old

 (*age of your child)

We will have 3 age categories and 3 winners for each category:
  • 5 to 9 years old
  • 10 to 13 years old
  • 14 to 17 years old




1st place of each category


2nd place of each category


3rd place of each category



Commanders, let's share it with your beloved ones. You will both enjoy that new challenge together and World of Tanks could even become a common hobby, the youngest watching you battling and the older joining your platoon!

And whatever you are parent participating with your child or teenager doing by yourself, good luck everybody!