Contest: Better Safe Than Sorry


A real tanker never enters a battle without carrying out a full set of checks. Security is a crucial issue in the battlefields, and we have one especially for World of Tanks.

You may have already taken part in our security program by binding your game account to your phone number.  If you haven’t done it yet, we want to remind you that every day there is a risk to  your account. The time for procrastinating is over. 

To make it even more appealing, we are holding a contest!  In order to be eligible to enter the contest, you must have secured your account by binding it to your phone.  What are you waiting for?  Click the button to get started! Binding your account to your phone is completely free, and we even give you 100 gold to say thank you!

Now, are you ready to start accumulating the medals? This contest is all about achievements – get ready to start collecting them!



The 50 top scores will be rewarded with 2,000 each.

That’s a lot of chances to win!  Have you already made a list of what you will go out and buy with this much gold? Then it is time to read the contest rules, grab your favourite machine and get started!



For this contest, you must play a battle between December 21th and 4th of January, 24:00 CEST (11:00 pm GMT). During this battle, your aim will be to score the most points as you can, by earning as many Battle Achievements as you can. Remember that only one battle can be taken in account, so choose carefully the replay you want to send us.

Only random battles can be counted for the contest. Tank companies, clan wars and training battles are not eligible.

In case of a draw, the amount of experience earned in the battle is deciding factor. 

One entry per player is allowed.

The points you have to count are listed in the table below.

Medal Name

Points Scored

Top Gun
Steel Wall
Patrol Duty 




Orlik's Medal
Oskin's Medal
Kolobanov's Medal
Halonen's Medal
Fadin's Medal
Dumitru's Medal
Billotte's Medal
Raseiniai Heroes' Medal 
De Langlade's Medal 
Tamado Yoshio Medal
Bruno's Medal 
Lehväslaiho's Medal 
Pascucci's Medal 





Burda's Medal
Nicol's Medal 
Radley-Walter's Medal 
Tarczay's Medal 
Crucial Contribution
Brothers in Arms



Pool’s Medal


Of course, you only count your points in one single battle.


How to Enter

Once you have played a battle and scored your points, you need to send us an email before noon (11:00 GMT) on Saturday 5th January.

Emails must be sent to the following address: 

The subject line should follow this format : [Bsts][points][in-game nickname] (example : [Bsts][21][Exampletanker])

Message must include the following attachments (3 attachments in total):

  • The replay of the battle
  • A screenshot of the individual battle result with the list of achievements visible
  • A screenshot of the team result page (please make your screenshot while hovering your cursor over the medal list on the team result page, so that the achievement list is clearly visible).

So to recap, that’s one replay file and two screenshots that need to be attached.

In the email body, you also need to include the list of achievements and a calculation of how many points you have received for them, as per the table above.

Remember, we won’t be able to count any submissions which do not meet these requirements.  Also, don’t forget that you have to link your phone to your account in order to participate.



Protect your account and get battling, commanders!

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