Behind the Lines

Artillery is the worst the enemy has to offer, right?  Don’t you just hate those steel boxes whose only purpose in life is to drop a shell on you from far above.  You can’t avoid it; you don’t even see it coming!  Everybody hates that!

Of course, when the artillery is on your own team, they are the invaluable ally who quietly and invisibly keeps your enemies at bay.  We are sure you are the same as us, and at the beginning of every battle you start counting how many self-propelled guns are in each team, whilst picking out your favourite spots to seek cover from them.  After all, the lethal rain could come at any moment.

This contest may change how you feel about the number of SPGs in the battle.  Keep an eye out for any battles with at least four artilleries in each team.   Destroy as many of them as you can to win some great prizes!

As for the players of those SPGs: don’t worry because you have a chance to win as well.  All you need to do is to destroy as many tanks as you can!



The aim of the event is easy: 

  • If you are a tank, kill as many arties as possible
  • If you are a self-propelled gun, kill as many tanks as possible!

This is an event rather than a contest – this means that all valid submissions will win a prize!  Follow the rules below and you could win some gold!


  • There are two categories of winners:
    • Those playing Artillery
    • Those playing Tanks
  • To win as artillery, you must destroy 3 or more tanks.
  • To win as a tank, you must destroy 3 or more artilleries.
  • Players may only make one entry for each category (ie maximum of two submissions per player, one as artillery and one as tank).
  • The battles must have at least 4 SPGs in each team.
  • All tiers are allowed.
  • Valid submissions are only from battles fought between 23rd August and 26th August.
  • All valid submissions will receive a prize!
  • Only battles played in the random battle mode are allowed to enter the contest. 



In order to participate in the event, please follow the instructions below carefully.  Any submissions which do not meet all the criteria will be disqualified!

  • You must send your submissions to
  • The subject of the email must be [Behind the Lines] Nickname – SPG/Tank – Number of tanks/arties destroyed. Example: [Behind the Lines] Karkamusa – Tank – 4, or [Behind the Lines] Karkamusa – SPG – 6.
  • Submissions must include:
    • The replay of the battle (fought between 23rd August and 26th August).
    • A screenshot of the post-battle table showing the list of vehicles that you destroyed and damaged.
  • You can send your submissions until August 29th.
  • Remember you can only send one submission for each of the two categories!



So, now the most important bit: what will you win for destroying all these enemy tanks or artilleries?

It is simple.  Each valid entry will be rewarded with 500!  This means that you could win a maximum of 1000 gold if you enter both categories!


Choose your side now and get to the fight!

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