Behind the Lines Contest Winners


The Behind the Lines contest attracted a large number of players.

The idea of destroying artillery if you were a tank, or destroying tanks if you were a self-propelled gun had great appeal and you participated in massive numbers.

 There were actually so many winners that we are unable to publish the complete list of their names here – the results table would be really huge! Of course, this incredible number does not contain submissions that had to be rejected because of being sent in the wrong submission format or not achieving the victory conditions.

Whilst building up the results took some time, you can rest assured we have not forgotten you. In the past days we have busy sorting through the results and sending the well-earned gold to the winners. If you are among the winners, you should have already received the gold in your account. We hope you will put it to good use in your garage or on the battlefields!

Did you see some extra gold appearing in your garage? Did you take part in the contest? Share your thoughts about this contest on the forum!

Roll out!

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