Anniversary Manoeuvres Winners: Tank Destroyers and Light Tanks

Do you remember our Anniversary Manoeuvres contest dedicated to tank destroyers? You had a whole month to earn as much experience as you could and win great prizes: gold, premium tanks and even… 15 years of premium time (for all Wargaming titles, as we have introduced the unified premium account system)!

In the middle of August we announced the another edition of this contest. This time it was dedicated to light tanks. Despite their small size and weight, the prizes were equally big and the results were way above our expectations!

To see the full list of the winners of these two editions of the Anniversary Manoeuvres, just visit these special dedicated pages:

Didn’t get lucky this time, or maybe you want to win even more? The on-going Anniversary Manoeuvres – Medium Tanks Month is the next big opportunity for you! Fill your all-rounders with your best crew members and roll out!


Stay tuned for our next contest news!