Winners of the Anniversary Manoeuvres Contest

In the middle of June, we announced special contest for all the players who like heavy tanks. The rules were easy – you just had to play with your heavy tanks and earn as much experience as you could. You had whole month to do your best in order to win special prizes: 3,000 gold pieces for the top 50 players of each heavy tank, special premium tanks for the top 3 players and 15 years of premium account access for the best heavy tank commander!

You were very focused and driven, and as a result we saw many really exceptional tactics, manoeuvres and shots. The results of your amazing play skills can be written in numbers – exceptionally high numbers showing the experience you earned during the battles.

In this edition of the contest, no-one managed to meet the criteria for the main prize, so we are still looking forward to announcing the nickname of the ace tanker who will win 15 years of premium account after future editions of this contest!

Congratulations to the winners!


The list of the winners is divided into tiers. For each tier, we present the Top 3 players and then the lists of Top 50 players for each tank. The numbers show the maximum and minimum amount of experience earned (without any bonuses), and the nicknames are ordered from 1st place to 50th.


Winners list


Commanders, stay tuned for our upcoming contests!