8.0 Challenge Accepted Contest

Version 8.0 has been live for a while now and a lot of you have already managed to get the new achievements and medals introduced with this update. It’s no secret that everyone loves to win medals, but as fun as it is, we’ve decided to use them to challenge you even more!

In our latest xp contest, you can win some gold as well as the glory and bragging rights that come with getting one of the new medals. All you need to do is to gain the Pool’s Medal, Radley Walters’ Medal or Ervin Tarczay’s Medal in a random battle and send in your entry as soon as possible.

The contest begins today, Wednesday, 17th of October and ends on Sunday, 21st of October at 23:59 CEST (21:59 GMT).

  • One entry per player and it must be for one of the following categories: Pool´s Medal, Radley-Walters´Medal or Ervin Tarczay´s Medal.
  • Only random battles count for this contest, but they can be standard, encounter or assault modes. Clan Wars and tank company battles are excluded.
  • You need to earn at least 2000 experience points during the battle. Experience from premium is taken into account for this purpose, as well as the first daily victory modifier.
  • You must earn at least one of the following medals: Pool´s Medal, Radley-Walters´Medal or Ervin Tarczay´s Medal. Each medal is a separate contest category.
  • You can play the vehicle and the tier of your choice.
  • In case of a draw between two players, the player who earned more experience will win.
  • Battles must take place between October 17th and October 21st 2012.
  • All entries must be submitted before 23:59 CEST (21:59 GMT) on October 21st 2012.


How to submit your entry:

You need to send your entry to Contests_EU@wargaming.net.  Please follow the instructions below carefully, as any entries which do not conform will be disqualified.

Your entry must contain the replay of the battle and a screenshot of the after battle statistics window with the date of the battle visible.

The subject of your e-mail MUST be as follows:

[Challenge Accepted] Nickname – Pool/Walters/Tarczay* – Number of tanks destroyed.

*Delete as required


Example for Pool’s Medal: [Challenge Accepted] Karkamusa – Pool – 13.

Example for Walters’ Medal: [Challenge Accepted] Supercharge – Walters – 8.

Example for Tarczay’s Medal: [Challenge Accepted] Obirian – Tarczay – 6.



There will be 9 winners total.  The 3 top entries for each of the 3 categories will be rewarded as follows:

Pool's Medal

Walter's Medal

Tarczay's Medal




Good luck, commanders!

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