Next round of Hunt us Down and the list of winners


On March 2012, the timeframe of the contest has been changed but our rules stay the same: destroy the World of Tanks team members if they are in the opposite team or protect them if they are on your side. 

From now on the contest starts each Tuesday and Thursday.

So this week sessions will be held on Tuesday, March 6th, and Thursday March 8th. The contest will last for an hour and it will take place three times a day: 12:00, 16:00 and 18:00 CET (11:00am, 3:00pm and 5:00pm GMT).


The main goal stays the same: try to destroy the World of Tanks team member. The first one who gets him, wins 500 gold per kill!

If you're a part of the Wargaming tank team, try to keep it alive. If WG_Community account survives the battle and their team wins, every Battle Hero from their team receives 250 gold!

On Tuesday, we will drive tier IV to tier VIII. 

On Thursday, we will drive tier II to VI.

Don’t miss it and have fun!

Our team members are:

  • wg_community_alfa
  • wg_community_bravo
  • wg_community_charlie
  • wg_community_delta
  • wg_community_echo
  • wg_community_foxtrot

Some of our tanks will be driven by the following team members:

  • Supercharge
  • Tuccy
  • Obirian
  • rishyu
  • Blanchard
  • Elitxu
  • Devil

Don’t be shy and enter the battlefield! You don't have to take screenshots of your victory. The Wargaming team member will do it for you.

Grab your best tank and go!

The winners of last session (Thursday, March 1st)

The last contest took place on Thursday, March 1st.  

The Battle Heroes from the Wargaming teams receive 250 gold each!

The World of Tanks team destroyers win 500 gold per kill!

Now, it's time to congratulate the winners. 

The Hunters of the Wargaming tanks
Arkonor flagan leszek9999 senoire8
biczuuu flunscherl  Mamutis Sherman_t54
BloodWorkGER FurioZZ MamWielkiGarp Slaetor
BViper gazoo0202 mariohol tankopacb
ciapek grazyboy_cz Nexus777 tc_rodos 
danny1410 Hanfixx Ni_gashi tobssucht
deal96 HighwayKillah Nutleyboy tudica
deathkingro Igor_Stroganov Picker42 Walther666
dino413 JuhQ rafalmp3 xiao90
Drifo kkergonu  Ramman YoUr_g0D
DziK1983 korida romo666 Zaramoth85
Erikeine Lachty92 Scrab222  

And also the Battle Heroes who helped our team members: 

The Battle Heroes 
aripaneagra henkercoh misterpants  Teamkiller_xp
Beekon Highkick Nesquik_ Tutank
BuggelV htr003 pemoj Tzsibike
butcherr Inferno130 rabiopl UltraSonics
Cappo KINGTIGER_2 Remington Waldhaus
Cistic krystofel1986 robypaun WaTeR_JoE
crusnik marko599 saltas20 xmoon82
DerGrind melma Skutti  
Elucidate miglanc Soldat1981  

Congratulations to all the participants!  See you soon in another Hunt us Down event!

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