2nd Anniversary Birthday Card Contest


In April 2013, World of Tanks will be celebrating its second anniversary in Europe! We want to celebrate in style, so to kick things off, we are asking all of you to send us a birthday card!  

The contest is very simple. Send us a birthday card with a message wishing World of Tanks EU a happy birthday. Anything goes! A nice drawing, a handmade card… there is no limit to your creativity. Now to the most important question:

What can you win?

The answer is very simple – everyone will win! What? Really? Yes, really!

However, it’s a present and so we won’t spoil the surprise beforehand!  As a hint though, some of the best birthday cards will receive a Type 59 or Type 62 Tank!

Type 59 (Tier VIII) Type 62 (Tier VII) 


The rules:

  • One card per player.
  • The image has to relate to it being the second anniversary of World of Tanks in Europe.
  • The birthday card must have your in-game name on it.
  • Entries will be accepted until our birthday – 12th of April 2013. The date on the post stamp is what counts for this.
  • The birthday card image and message must follow all the usual rules in our ToS and EULA.


Where to send your birthday card?

All cards need to be sent to this address:

2nd Anniversary Birthday Contest
BP 80125


Roll out, commanders!

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