2nd Anniversary Birthday Card Contest Winners

It has been a crazy month since the end of our Anniversary contest. All of you can see in our video that we have received quite a lot of cards, presents and letters to read and share with everyone in the office. Because we didn’t place any restrictions on the contest, many of you really showed just how far your creativity could go.
When we first thought up this contest, we expected to get a few hundred cards... One of us even laughingly suggested: "What if we get a thousand?” Which we thought was a bit of a joke.

We were completely blown away when over thirteen thousand letters arrived at the Wargaming European office!

You have shown great dedication whilst working on all these touching, funny, intriguing and beautiful cards. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

So, how are we going to celebrate this turnout? Well, we are going to hand out over 6.5 million gold and a lot of extra tanks as well! This means that every person, who sent us a card, will receive 500 gold!

And now to the hard part... All the teams in the European office got together to choose which of the entries would be awarded with an additional premium tank. It was such a hard task, that we decided to give out more Type 59s and more Type 62s than we had originally planned. We bumped the amount up to 30 Type 59s and 60 Type 62s! But even after all those extra tanks and gold, there were still so many good entries around us that we decided to throw in an additional 200 M22 Locusts on top of that!

But wait, there is still more to come! We are currently working on a huge Hall of Fame that will feature pictures of the most beautiful entries from all the players. We really hope that this will show the sheer scale of the passion you showed us.

The idea of players sending letters turned out to be a really wild contest concept and its outcome went far beyond our expectations. But because of this, some of your letters might have got lost in the mail and not even reached our office. We are really sorry if this is the case and we hope, that it will not deter you from participating in our future contests.

Now for the winners!

All of you who sent us a birthday card will receive 500. You may find the nicknames of all contestants on this list.

The authors of the best cards will be awarded as follows:

Winners Prize

sylwesterxx, morozow89, akmuc, N3bu, nNazgul9, piotrHL, saakaszvili, swissknife18, wellieman, wrturbo, pictoru28, turbofinBr, michu1610, koz102, klepper123, mepw, isildurs8, Philb699, karayev, IBERUS, crackatova, czero, yanger, faustfeuerwaffe, vercingetorixx, xels, ghost_wolf_tr, trycer, nitrowot, callya

Chinese Premium Tier VIII Medium Tank Type 59

Winners Prize

PogromcaSiwkow, _stary, FK20mm, EATERS, argal_, speedfire84, jaeger77, Vikat, guruthestrong, puzok, hugly, dawidairbus, logoPL, General_Voloh, hewarel, jabuchilo, bonneripper, spahi666, bollas, AR_wli, Anohara, DSchwarz, XcptChaosX, sindrome, kosmodik, wojput, zelbet, Bartkk_pl, aniol1982, 000blackops000, STROJAR11, GOTEN207, JJTANKS, lorheem, JHOooo, enigma_lt, angie_mala, troll_gamer, bronkmann, hunterinka, alex112233, Coriolanus26, 501e_RCC, Rany93, Cobra_division, Sciopik, Thetankstorm, Thaad, Dodokacsa, Alfons18, ankitank, kroy79021, tank_box, branislav38, TheSilverChord, capsuke, jacul999, nimroht, MrZWodecki, kohlwurst

Chinese Premium Tier VII Light Tank Type 62

Winners Prize

Thjohansen, nightkin, FIfolek, heichahiro, chebacsi, buldozeer, lazyBWilly, hscorpio, hitech, SLF_Shox86, u124, easyrida, vichard1999, laubbaum, lis01, salahir, ADE007, QUENTTIIN, solaknir, bouledogue67, Pan_Czuprynka, mizzar, klosiu1256, vacu8, prehistoric_puppy, G0_Ewald_von_Kleist, Huatiak, OMEGASquad, artursu, LeGouzy, Kyphros, lordstardust, badapple, Nielsjuh, alkeshCH, nicomel2207, Glamorrous,   janex2003, xifias, krakov661, thimkle911, jengkins, jrrk, misskasia, zarsky, robrol, twinfour, KingDiemons, Rehtori4U, ozigis, rzeznik_z_lasu, hirasade, nolenya, janex2003, Aniol1982, Ozigis, scuall113, vV_TIO_Vv, treman_pl, cahirius, puzokisotonic29, arpadfrank, monalye, authorkris, jambier, madmax1331, porshing, liogran, redattor, radex84pl, jthinkle911, agnatik, zazu89, baronkaz, janex2003, twin_four, arpadfrank, sinsorrow, cptdavepilm, albea1995, stealtoro, argroneta, ezzio81, MonkeyDFluffy, puzok, reappers, chuddy1502, saxum76, gegboyington, mariusz_pudzian, filip605, kibic9, amonmiss, paczka, volf07, mutacee, wojny, marri, acrothele, ehrmantraut, krypal, aikainu, blendeson,  jpulpgar, toster13, prasec, vladimir47, catfoodcz, husqarna, pab_05, frostie589, _loffer_, max13pl, peovrontis, gavhell, recon215, duke_66, maca_2, ciochu, iron_henker, yakuza8601, armored_ace, szulix, satukblade, zitrooper, butch80, kildaren, ryancooper1996, mclello, lukaszek_86, merchandis, megistos, horatiobooty, chritianleboss, dr_nuadu, wombut, nosferatutr, SAMBASCHNECKENJAEGER, C_3_P_O, christoph, caedmon, locuraesp, __mika__, Morcislaw, stribor, nergal666, kurent, instek, rael_cun, JHOooo, kawagreen, yeena, tasa05, xprownz, mounteverest, blootfood, probin01, jc3259, lieutenant_crowe, xx_chaos_xx, sixxxo, percusso, joe_the_gun, grzesznik1, paulcaiafa, Langsam, joe_the_gun, kaphalor, baenkekon, modysiwy, grandadbilly, EsFHawkeye, szumi5349, breathy, ketorM, AGATA_A, Theshadow72, mega_michell, leeman_CP, KABOOM, akkarin2411, Dr_seltsamm555, piepmatze, matemattica, der_sersch, czopkins, burgjoa, THK64KHT, AchKomm, freiwild16, wilkolakus2, DegiTank, muscarin, _cracker_hacker_, petrakos14, jayjayHD, KACPER2005, hanniball34, porucznikhalina, pistoleroo

American Premium Tier III Light Tank M22 Locust


Thank you so much Word of Tanks fans! You are really the best community ever!

 Your European Community Team