The Kovalev Diary Investigation – Day 5

Confidential Information!
Top-level security clearance required.

Classified Report

Incident Location:



Sergeant M., Reconnaissance Scout

Report To:

Colonel N.,
Head of Intelligence



We are in Mirny-13 and have started gathering more information. One of my scouts returned with something that might be very useful. Dimitry Kovalev, a soldier stationed in Arzagir, kept a diary. He was among the first scouts and has not returned, but we found a page with his recordings on it. We will keep an eye out for more and send them to you as fast as possible with the daily mail.

I have a feeling that there is useful information in this diary that can help High Command to make sense of this incident. It might even prepare you for your deployment to Mirny-13!



The squad is counting on you, Colonel! We need as much intel on the enemy as possible. I know that you are the best person for this job, but don’t hesitate to consolidate your findings with fellow members of the Intelligence Committee via the special Investigation Room.

We are awaiting your arrival in Mirny-13. Good luck!

  Investigation Room