How it works

Choose your favorite Community Contributor and redeem their specific bonus code (only one code per account)
Signing up already rewards three Holiday Cheer points
Complete daily Combat Missions From Milla and Arnie and roll out into Random Battles to earn Holiday Cheer points
Collect points for your team’s collective progress to unlock reward milestones
Rewards will be given away by the Content Creator to their community
Complete Event Rules

Each participating content creator receives a unique sign-up bonus code for the event. Players can only join the team of one participant. It is not possible to switch teams after sign-up.

Holiday Cheer points are collected by redeeming a sign-up code for a Community Contributor, completing daily Holiday Ops missions (Combat Missions From Milla & Arnie), and through Random Battles.

Completed Combat Missions From Milla & Arnie, as well as Random Battles only count towards the event progress after a sign-up code has been redeemed.

The distribution of earned event rewards is at the discretion of the Community Contributor and will not be influenced by Wargaming.

By participating in this event, you agree that your Wargaming username may be mentioned and/or displayed on the Twitch channel of the streamer whose code you have redeemed. This may happen only during a stream and will be in an automatic stream alert, in an announcement by the streamer, or in a leaderboard extension.

Wargaming bears no responsibility for the use of the logos shared by the players. Any trademarks or logos shared by players and used for the purpose of the Holiday Ops 2023 event do not indicate any sponsorship or endorsement of any intellectual property owner whatsoever. All trademarks and/or logos herein, are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

Holiday Cheer Progression

Every Content Creator has their own set of milestones with the same reward tiers. Follow the progress of your favorite and help them unlock all rewards by completing Combat Missions From Milla & Arnie, and by playing Random Battles.

Milestone Rewards

Every player will receive the “Red Hat Battalion” 2D style once milestone three has been unlocked for their chosen CC!
Once a milestone is reached, a Content Creator can choose their preferred rewards from various reward bundles. They can select Premium Vehicles, days of World of Tanks Premium Account, Personal Reserves, customization items, and more for their community!