Tankfest Online 2020: Event Hub

The stream will be in English only

The first live-streamed historic tank event will take place on June 28 at 16:00 CEST (UTC+2) on Twitch and YouTube!

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Tankfest is the biggest display of historic moving armor in the world and an annual offline event organized by The Tank Museum in Bovington. It offers an opportunity to visit the museum, learn more about the history of armored warfare, and see tanks live and in action.

This year World of Tanks partnered up with The Tank Museum to launch Tankfest Online in order to recreate and expand the unique tank festival as an online event for tank fans everywhere! 

Follow along as we recreate the event and stream all the highlights and much more directly to your home, such as:

  • the famous Tankfest Arena Show – a rare demonstration of tanks in action, moderated by Richard Cutland and David Willey, the Tank Museum curator
  • battle re-enactments and other interactive content
  • the star of the show, the iconic Tiger 131. See it in action and learn all about the last running Tiger tank in the world
  • a live-stream demonstrating how camouflage is applied to a real Jagdpanther tank. It is a unique and very special chance to get a glimpse at one of the necessary steps in maintaining a tank.

If you would like to get more details about Tankfest Online, make sure to check out the full event details on our portal!

Tankfest Online 2020: Full Event Guide  

This page will be our unified content hub, where you will be able to watch Tankfest Online on various platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch).