Release Notes 1.20.1

New Branch of Japanese Tank Destroyers

Six new tank destroyers (from Tier V to Tier X) have been added:

  • Tier V — Type 3 Ho-Ni III
  • Tier VI — Type 95 Ji-Ro
  • Tier VII — Chi-To SP
  • Tier VIII — Ho-Ri 2
  • Tier IX — Ho-Ri 1
  • Tier Х — Ho-Ri 3

Crew Perks

All skills are now called perks.

All perks come into effect from the start of training (at 1%). The effectiveness of the perk increases by level.

Changes have been made to how some perks work.

  • Mentor: The bonus to XP now applies to the Commander of the crew as well.
  • Sound Detection: The alert delay decreases as the perk is trained.
  • Eagle Eye: The delay in the display of critically damaged modules/crew members decreases as the perk is trained.

Major qualification levels now affect all perks (excluding Brothers in Arms): The higher the level, the stronger the perk's effect.

If two crew members have the same perk, the one with the higher level will take effect. Exception: The Intuition perk takes the average value for all Loaders.

Perks lose effect when the corresponding crew member is injured.

Perks are conditionally divided into the following three categories: group perks, individual perks, and perks with situational effects.

The Brothers in Arms perk no longer requires all crew members to have it fully trained.

There will no longer be an XP penalty when a player finishes a battle with injured crew members.


  • The effects of all perks will now be displayed in the vehicle characteristics widget in the Garage.
  • We have updated the design and information displayed in the tooltips when hovering over the vehicle parameters.
  • The formula used to calculate average damage and average damage per minute has been changed to account for the potential impact of the new perks. The current values of these characteristics have not changed.
  • The exact values of the bonus to perks from crew directives are now displayed.


  • The situational perk panel has been added to the battle interface. Notifications can be enabled/disabled in the game settings.
  • The notifications for situational skills work both in Spectator Mode and when watching replays.

WoT Plus

WoT Plus subscriptions are now available to players for a limited time.

WoT Plus subscriptions will require a recurring payment using real money.

Subscribers will have access to the exclusive TS-54 heavy tank, Gold Reserve, Intensive Crew Regimen, and an additional excluded map.

Warm-Up: Back in Action

The following has been added for players who have fought more than 1,000 battles but have not logged into the game for over six months:

  • The special Warm-Up mode, in which players can fight their first 7 battles against AI-controlled enemy vehicles on a limited number of maps.
  • A set of rewards for completing the Back in Action daily missions.
  • The "What's New?" page in the Notification Center, which displays information about the most important game updates from the past year.

In the Warm-Up mode, the nicknames of AI-controlled vehicles have been changed to ххх_yyy, where xxx and yyy are the first and last name of the crew Commander.

Recon Mission

The mode format has been updated. New mechanics have been added to the maps:

  • Random events: A new feature that triggers various events to take place on the battlefield.
  • Dynamic cover: Interactive environment objects that can be moved, flipped, or used in battle to attack or defend.


The Season of the Crimson Griffin has been added.

The mode progression has been reworked.

The following rental vehicles have been added: WZ-111 5A 7х7, E 50 Ausf. M 7х7, T110E4 7х7.

The Battle-Hardened combat modifier has been added, which increases the HP pools of vehicles and decreases the cooldown time of the consumables in the mode.

The Pre-Battle Preparation time has been decreased from 60 to 45 seconds.

The Prestige Points system has been changed.

New content has been added:

  • The progressive "Wing and Claw (Crimson)" style with a new set of decals, emblems, inscriptions, and camouflage patterns.
  • This style can now be applied to any vehicle in your Garage.
  • The "Victories of the Crimson Griffin" Engravings for Dog Tags.
  • Dog Tag Backgrounds: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Champion, and Legend.
  • The Last of the Griffins nickname stripe.
  • The "Through the Thorns" and "To the Stars" badges.
  • The Soaring Wings medal.

Role Skills have been reworked:

  • Field Repairs
    • The amount of restored HP has been decreased from 75/115/160 to 65/105/150.
  • One for All
    • The bonus to the major qualification level for each allied vehicle in other roles in battle has been decreased from 4/7.5/11% to 3/6.5/10%.
    • The number of Prestige Points required to receive the first skill charge level has been increased by 20%.
    • The number of Prestige Points required to receive the second and third skill charge levels has been decreased by 8.3% and 15.7%, respectively.
  • Bounty Hunter
    • The amount of restored HP for each enemy vehicle damaged has been decreased from 25/40/55 to 15/25/35.
  • Focus on the Target
    • The bonus that improves gun dispersion during movement, on hull and turret traverse, and after firing has been decreased from 35/55/75 to 30/52.5/70%.
    • The reduction in reload time between shots has been changed from 0.6/0.75/0.9 to 0.45/0.6/0.75 seconds.
    • The number of Prestige Points required to level up the skill charge has been increased by 22.2/14.8/11.1%.
  • Fury
    • The reduction in gun reload time has been changed from 10/20/30 to 15/27.5/40%.
    • The bonus that improves gun dispersion during movement, on hull and turret traverse, and after firing has been increased from 10/20/30 to 15/30/45%.
    • The skill duration has been decreased from 20 to 15 seconds.
    • The maximum distance for causing damage and resetting the skill duration timer has been decreased from 200 to 150 m.
  • Inspiring
    • The bonus to the major qualification level and all skills of your crew and allied crews has been increased from 10/17/25 to 15/25/35%.
  • Fire Cover
    • The inflicted damage has been decreased from 75/150/225 to 50/130/225 HP.
    • Stun duration has been decreased from 8/10/12 to 7/9/11 seconds.
    • The skill effect radius has been decreased from 8/12/16 to 8/11/15 m.
  • Sleight of Hand
    • The reduction in reload time has been changed from 20/32/44 to 27/40/55%.
  • Straight Ahead
    • The bonus to engine power has been increased from 20 to 25%.
    • The repair speed of damaged modules has been increased from 10 to 15%.
  • Recon Flight
    • The cooldown time has been decreased from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.

Other changes:

  • The Glacier and Airfield maps have been added.
  • The locations of the bases and Points of Interest on some maps have been changed.
  • We have removed the limits on the difference between the highest and lowest Rating Points value when creating Super Platoons.
  • Now, Super Platoons will not be matched against Platoons and solo players.
  • The limit of available pings on the minimap has been changed for solo and Platoon players.
  • We have removed the limits on the number of pings on the minimap for players in Super Platoons.
  • The voice chat now preserves its state from the previous battle.


Battle Pass Collections: A new system of storing customization elements and crew members from the same theme.

The first Collection is dedicated to Battle Pass Season X.


The in-game currency for purchasing Garage slots has been changed from gold to credits. The cost of one slot is 250,000 credits.

Map Changes


  • It is no longer possible to drive into non-playable areas in squares C4, D6, E1, and G4–H4.

El Halluf

  • It is no longer possible to drive into the non-playable area in square F1.
  • It is no longer possible to take high damage or crash when driving down the hill in square C3.
  • Some "hovering" and flooded objects have been removed.

Sand River

  • It is no longer possible to get stuck in squares C2, D2, E0, F4, H4, and H9.


  • It is no longer possible to get stuck in square E6.


  • In Onslaught, the time that the airship shows up in the sky has been changed.

Changes have been made to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles:


  • The damage models have been improved for the following vehicles: SU-5, T-80


  • The damage models have been improved for the following vehicles: M48A2 Räumpanzer and Durchbruchswagen 2
  • The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: LKpz.70 K


  • The damage models have been improved for the following vehicles: T6 Medium
  • The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: TS-60


  • The damage models have been improved for the following vehicles: Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC


  • The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: 56TP

Known Issues

  • When wheeled vehicles are destroyed by a random event, the wheels of the vehicle continue to spin.
  • On the Prokhorovka map, the propellers of the plane that falls during the random event do not rotate.
  • On the Safe Haven map, vehicles can be destroyed in textures during the random event on the bridge.
  • In Onslaught, the Leaderboard displays a larger number of battles fought than what appears in the player's statistics.
  • In some cases, the sequence of events in the damage log can be distorted.
  • In some cases, falling trees fall through the terrain.
  • Upon the successful completion of the Alliance-14 mission during the Chimera operation, the failed mission icon is displayed after the battle.
  • The Battle Results screen is missing an entry about the completion of the last mission in a series.
  • There is no voice notification when an enemy vehicle is destroyed.
  • When switching to Sniper mode on high graphics settings and zooming in on foliage, the FPS (frames per second) rate may decrease.
  • The ammo rack detonation icon is repeatedly displayed above vehicles destroyed beyond the draw circle when these vehicles enter the player's draw circle radius.
  • When mounting the Experimental Optics equipment, the view range value is rounded down.
  • When watching replays, vehicles do not make engine or track sounds.
  • When the Commander is injured and the Large First Aid Kit is used, the time needed to change a loaded shell decreases for Loaders with the Intuition perk trained.
  • When hovering an SPG's Artillery Aim over an enemy vehicle located beyond the player's draw circle, and the vehicle is then destroyed, the animation of its ammo rack detonation is displayed.
  • When antialiasing is enabled with standard graphics, the silhouette of the player's vehicle turns green in some cases.
  • The text "Sell" is displayed on the button when hovering over the card of a vehicle that is available for recovery in the Vehicles in the Garage section of the Depot tab.

Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • Fixed the incorrect color indication in the parameters window for double-barreled guns.
  • Fixed the incorrectly displayed or unavailable decals for the T28 vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue of the reticle indicator not matching the gun axis for the Kunze Panzer tank.
  • Fixed the issue of the M48A2 Räumpanzer's bulldozer blade not being "attached" to the vehicle when the simplified outlining is enabled.
  • Fixed the issue of the box on the stern of the Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC not being "attached" to the vehicle when the simplified outlining is enabled.
  • Fixed the issue of the Panther II's suspension parts being displayed incorrectly.
  • The progressive decals on the TS-5 now look brighter.
  • The attached element of the Jupiter Fulgur 3D style on the Super Conqueror's gun has been centered.
  • The Harrier Trio decal from The Waffenträger: Legacy mode has been reworked.
  • Vehicle names that go beyond the minimap are now only displayed within its borders upon pressing Alt.
  • The description of the Ralph Saldern and Victor Safronov crew skins has been corrected.
  • The images of Commanders Ermelinda Jung and Villanelle Rapiere have been optimized.
  • Fixed the issue of crew members' portraits not being displayed in some cases after applying a crew skin.
  • In the battle interface, the parameter "Damage caused upon your stun" is now only displayed for SPGs.
  • Fixed the issue of vehicles destroyed by overturning being displayed on the damage log as receiving damage by ramming.
  • Fixed the issue of mounted equipment items sometimes being unable to be swapped in the equipment window of the vehicle.
  • Fixed the issues of visual object models not matching their damage models on some maps.
  • Fixed the occasional issue of vehicles being spotted on the Fisherman's Bay map for no reason .