Release Notes 1.4.1

Main Changes:


  1. Added the functionality of applying Paints to Tier VII vehicles.
  2. Added additional slots for decals on Tier VIII vehicles.
  3. Made some UI improvements.


Fixed some issues on the following maps:

  1. Ensk
  2. Westfield
  3. Fisherman's Bay
  4. Mountain Pass
  5. Serene Coast
  6. Paris
  7. Pilsen
  8. Glacier
  9. Hinterland
  10. Widepark

Blueprints, New Functionality:

Blueprints are special content items that can be used to get discounts on researching new vehicles. Every researchable vehicle (starting from Tier II) has blueprints.

  1. Once a blueprint is completely assembled, no experience is required for researching a corresponding vehicle.
  2. Each blueprint consists of fragments; their number depends on the vehicle tier. Each fragment increases the research discount of a particular vehicle.
  3. If a player receives a blueprint fragment for a vehicle that has already been researched or has all blueprint fragments collected, such blueprint fragments will be automatically converted to one of the following blueprint types: universal or national.
  4. A player can get a blueprint fragment they need by converting a certain number of national and universal blueprint fragments. The number of the required blueprint fragments depends on the vehicle tier.

Added a new type of battle rewards: Reward for Merit (previously known as the Random Reward). They contain various game items, as well as blueprint fragments. They can be earned in the following way:

  • With a certain probability after each battle.
  • If a player does not receive a Reward for Merit after a battle, the probability of receiving it increases for the next battle. When you receive a Reward for Merit, the probability is reset and the process repeats.
  • These rewards can be earned only in Random Battles.
  • The first four rewards you earn will be small and the fifth one will be large.

Crew Skins:

A crew skin includes the following set of personal data:

  • Unique avatar
  • Unique first and last name
  • Short informational note

A crew skin is applied to a crew member and changes their look. At the same time, all attributes, experience, Skills and Perks remain unchanged. Application of a crew skin is free of charge.

Moreover, Personal Data of crew members can now be changed free of charge.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed the issue that caused the log to disappear, when a vehicle is destroyed, provided that the player has not enabled the "Show in Postmortem mode vehicle that destroyed your vehicle" option.
  • Fixed the issue when the amount of received damage of the shot that destroyed the player's vehicle was not displayed in the log.
  • Fixed the issue when the penetration marker was green when aiming at an enemy vehicle through a destroyed vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue when Exterior elements were not deducted in the Depot.
  • Clarified the conditions of receiving the Supreme Gun award.
  • The reward of Coalition-11 in the Chimera operation was changed to 1 day of Premium Account time and 2,500 Free Experience for completion of the primary conditions, and a garage slot for completion with honors.
  • Fixed the issue when directives could not be equipped in the vehicle comparison screen.
  • Fixed the issue when shells hit the turret even when it was detached after an ammo rack detonation.
  • Now, shadows of the wheeled vehicles match their size.
  • Fixed the issues of equipment that is available for the wheeled vehicles.
  • Fixed visual inaccuracy in the models of the Leopard 1 and Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10).
  • Added the revised experience distribution system for the future seasons of the Ranked Battles.

Known Issues:

  • Players can re-train crew members to special vehicles that are currently not available in the game.
  • Vehicle type icons in the extended vehicle panels do not change their color dynamically, when selecting the Colorblind mode in battle.
  • Disabled free crew retraining to vehicles of the same type.
  • When a player destroys a vehicle by overturning it, this vehicle is not counted towards the total number of vehicles the player destroyed.
  • The recruiter's Recruiting Office does not display the recruits and reservists that they invited, if the recruiter's account is restored to a state, preceding the moment when recruits accepted the invitation.
  • The badge about base capture can be displayed prematurely, even before the indicated number of points has been accumulated.
  • The order of events for received damage is sometimes mixed up in the damage log.
  • The text of Mission conditions is not displayed in the congratulation window, provided that the required vehicle type is specified in the Mission conditions.
  • When a spotted enemy vehicle gets stunned, becomes no longer visible, and the stunned player uses a First Aid Kit, while still unspotted, then the stun indicator is still displayed above this vehicle to its opponents when spotted again.
  • The client cannot be maximized to the full-screen mode, provided that the player is having a Skype call.
  • The vehicle tiers in the screen displayed upon pressing TAB are not centered relative to the vehicle icons.
  • When a vehicle hits the ground without damaging modules, the sound of taking damage is played.
  • Shaking aiming circle in the 16x and 25x magnifications in the Siege Mode during the Frontline battles.
  • The reticle indicator remains on the SPG after switching to the Artillery mode, if a vehicle partially intersects the red line.
  • Shaking reticle indicator on object models.
  • Events at the end of the battle are not synchronized with the text of the battle result.