Customize your vehicles with large-scale decals, take on updated Personal Missions with buffed rewards and take in new and improved locales.
The focal point with this update is large scale projection decals. These big works of art will certainly add some more character to your tank. A total of around 40 original, historical and non-historical, decals will be available for both Tier X and Premium Tier VIII vehicles.
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Personal Missions Tweaks
After looking through your feedback, studying the analytics and considering your comments, we have decided that there are some areas that need to be addressed. So with Update 1.3, we are introducing a number of changes for both campaigns including reward improvements and reworked task conditions.

IX T 55A

Accuracy During Turret Rotation
0.1 m (▼ 0.02 m)
Aiming Time
2 s (▼ 0.1 s)
Standard Shell Velocity
1,070 m/s (▲ 175 m/s)
Standard Shell Penetration
221 mm (▲ 20 mm)
Engine Power
750 h.p. (▲ 170 h.p.)
1,750 HP (▲ 50 HP)
Improved turret and hull armor
We have improved the T 55A's turret armoring and gun characteristics. We have also increased the vehicle's durability and mobility. These changes will make this medium tank more competitive compared with the Soviet T-54.


Gun Dispersion
0.35 m (▼ 0.01 m)
Accuracy During Turret Rotation
0.06 m (▼ 0.02 m)
Dispersion During Movement and on Hull Traverse
0.17 m (▼ 0.02 m)
Reload Time
11 s (▼ 0.5 s)
Aiming Time
2.2 s (▼ 0.3 s)
Gun Depression Angles
-6° (▲ 1°)
Ammo Rack Capacity
40 shells (▲ 10 shells)
Improved turret and hull armor
After the IS-7's characteristics were improved, it became superior to the Object 260 in terms of combat efficiency. To make it more competitive, we have improved its gun parameters. We have also increased its ammo rack capacity and strengthened the turret's top armoring.
We are continuing our efforts with Grand Battles and are still looking at the data of the large-scale mode, its capabilities and the community’s thoughts. The map reproduces the central regions of the Soviet Union during the Second World War; the approximate year is 1943.

Premium Account

Players with Premium will be credited an additional 24 hours of Premium Account time to make up for the maintenance period. If you’d like to make any in-game purchases, please wait until the servers are running again.


World of Tanks servers will be down on 12 December from 02:30 to 10:00 CEST (UTC +2) to get everything in order.

To battle, Commanders!

Learn all about all the changes made relating to Personal Missions, how Customization has been improved and the in-depth rework to all maps.