Update 1.11: Holiday Ops 2021 Kicks Off December 9!

Are you ready to get yourself into the festive spirit, Commanders? The time of miracles is approaching, and Holiday Ops, the most magnificent event of the year, returns to World of Tanks with Update 1.11! Meet the magical new Garage and our very special guest of honor, level up the Festive Atmosphere, and prepare to receive gifts and celebrate the holidays with your favorite game!

Take On Missions From Chuck!

This year, a very special hero is taking care of our event. Meet the invincible Chuck Norris, our guest of honor who has prepared an epic challenge with cool rewards for you!

Every day you will have access to one mission (32 in total) in Random Battles. Perform your best and complete them all to earn Small Boxes with decorations and valuable in-game goods, including a spectacular 2D style, a unique decal, and Chuck Norris himself as a custom Commander with an exclusive voiceover! Plus, completing missions will gain you access to researchable vehicle discounts.

You can also get Small Boxes with decorations by completing the standard Daily Missions. Put up decorations, build Collections, and improve your Festive Atmosphere Level to earn all kinds of goodies: blueprint fragments, Personal Reserves, and more! Once you reach the tenth level of the Festive Atmosphere, you will even be able to complete Collections of previous years (2018–2020) and get their exclusive styles and decals.


Unwrap Your Large Boxes!

The festive season is always full of magic and is the perfect time to receive presents. Starting from December 9, 2020, at 06:00 UTC through January 11, 2021, at 06:00 UTC, Large Boxes from four festive collections will be up for grabs!

As always, they’re full to the brim with great goodies, including gorgeous 3D styles and formidable Tier VIII Premium vehicles—the most coveted gifts for all commanders! This year, a Large Box may contain one cool Tier VIII Premium tank from the following list, including two brand-new vehicles:

  • NEW! Bisonte C45
  • NEW! GSOR 1008
  • Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque
  • ISU-152K

Celebrate the holidays with us and choose great gifts for yourself!

Update 1.11

Premium Account

Players with Premium Account will be credited an additional 24 hours of WoT Premium Account time to make up for the update maintenance period. If you'd like to make any in-game purchases, please wait until the servers are running again.

Update 1.11


World of Tanks servers will be down on 8 December from 1:30 to 8:30 CET (UTC +1).

To battle, Commanders!
Complete Daily Missions and Missions From Chuck, earn rewards and Boxes with decorations, and fill your Garage with fairy lights and magic! We’re looking forward to bringing you holiday cheer, jolly settings, Gift Boxes, and more!