Update 1.10.1 for World of Tanks is coming your way, Commanders! We're bringing back Dog Tags, so get ready to customize your unique signature on the battlefield! We're also introducing Tour of Duty for clan players and increasing the rewards for Daily Missions while adjusting their difficulty. Finally, we're making improvements to Equipment 2.0 and revising the battle parameters of several great German, Chinese, and Soviet high-tier medium tanks. Take them for a spin and try out all the other features of this update!

Dog Tags Are Back!

We're bringing Dog Tags back to the game on a permanent basis, Commanders! A Dog Tag will now be your personal signature on the battlefield and will consist of three elements. The Engraving, its most important part, will carry the main information that your defeated enemies will see. There will be 3 Engraving categories, each of which is designed to demonstrate your supremacy over your adversaries.

Join the Tour of Duty!

All clan players now have the opportunity to participate in the engaging Tour of Duty activity. Fulfill special missions to earn cool clan customization items for your vehicles and contribute to your clan, getting valuable prizes and Industrial Resources to help develop and enforce your Stronghold. Some Tour of Duty missions can be completed solo in Random Battles, while others will require playing with your clanmates. This activity makes each player feel valued and important in their clan, helping it become more influential and powerful.

High-Tier Medium Tanks Rebalancing

We're continuing the systematic rebalancing work we started in 2019. Now it's time to take another step forward and adjust the performance characteristics of a wolfpack of high-tier medium tanks: the Е 50, E 50 Ausf. M, Panther II, Panther 8.8, 121, WZ 120, T-34-1, T-34-2, and Object 140.

All these vehicles will become more effective and competitive on the battlefield. We're also adjusting the effectiveness of another popular German Tier IX medium tank, the Leopard Prototyp A, after statistics from the release of Update 1.10 indicated that it was over-performing.


Improvements to Equipment 2.0 Interface

We continue to study your feedback on the reworked Equipment system, making some interface improvements to this feature. In particular, we implemented the ability to change the order of shells in the ammo rack using the "drag and drop" feature. We've also improved the user interface, including the vehicle configuration screen, which now displays shell prices and improved indicators for different ammo types.


Daily Missions Rework

In March 2020, we introduced a new set of regular Daily Missions for Random Battles. We have been closely monitoring the statistics of their completion and your feedback on this feature. After carefully analyzing the data obtained, we came to the conclusion that the rewards for these missions are not valuable enough for most players, so we decided to increase them. The difficulty of Daily Missions has also been adjusted to reflect the new, more valuable rewards.


Coming Soon: Halloween 2020

World of Tanks is going to celebrate a spooky Halloween, Commanders! Get ready to try out an exciting new PvE mode where you will battle the supernatural and unravel the secrets behind the abnormal events that occurred in the forbidden town of Mirny-13. More details will be available at a later date, so stay tuned!

update 1.10.1

Premium Account

Players with Premium will be credited an additional 24 hours of WoT Premium Account time to make up for the update maintenance period. If you'd like to make any in-game purchases, please wait until the servers are running again.

update 1.10.1


World of Tanks servers will be down on 21 October from 02:30 to 10:30 CEST (UTC +2).

To battle, Commanders!
Customize your unique Dog Tags, take the rebalanced medium tanks for a spin, and earn a bunch of valuable prizes by completing the reworked Daily Missions!