1v1 Tier VIII - 19:00 CEST - N°18 - FAST CAP
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1v1 Tier VIII - 19:00 CEST - N°18 - FAST CAP


Beendet Beendet
Daily tournaments offer you the chance to play competitively, without having to be present several days in a row. If you are new to competitive gaming, this is the perfect tournament to start your career with! Teams are split into groups of 4, fight for top places to win gold!


  • 180 Bestätigte Teams
  • SE + RR Turnierbaum
  • Gold Preispool
  • EU 2 Server


  • Format 1
  • Gefechtsmodus Begegnungsgefecht
  • Fahrzeugstufe VIII
  • Erlaubte Gesamtstufe 8
  • Zusätzliche Informationen IMPORTANT! - after receiving the special battle invitation, you need to select the tournament battle you are about to play. Afterwards, you MUST transfer yourself to the main team (to the right side) and confirm your readiness.



Bestätigte Teams

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  • Tournament Rules:
Tournament Rules:

Tournament Rules:


  • The tournaments will be played in two stages (group stage + playoff).
  • The groups will contain 4 teams and each team will play a maximum of 3 battles.
  • The top 2 teams from the Group stage will qualify for the Playoffs.
  • Group stage point distribution: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for defeat.
  • If two teams have an equal amount of points, their ranking will be based on their head to head ratio.
  • In the Playoff stage the defeated teams are leaving competition.
  • In case of draws in the Playoff stage, both teams will receive defeats.
  • All games are BO1, including the final.
  • The cap timer is set to 60 seconds.

Battle rules

  • Battle mode: Encounter.
  • Battle duration: 5 minutes.
  • Server: EU2.
  • Maps: Any map which supports the battle mode.
  • Teams have 5-10 minutes before the allocated start time to join the lobby. It is advised to log in at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time in order to be sure to receive the invitation.
  • Starting spawn points for all games will be automatically allocated by the system.
  • To win a game, the team will need to destroy all enemy vehicles or capture the enemy base.
  • In Bo1 teams are required to win 1 game, while In Bo3 teams are required to win 2 games to win the match.
  • Games cannot be replayed, unless an issue with the setup causes a problem or in case we encounter server issues where the majority of users are affected. Unfortunately, we will be unable to restart games due to disconnections or PC crashes.

General rules


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Platz Belohnung
1st place: 1400 gold
2nd place: 700 gold
3rd-4th place: 500 gold
5th-8th place: 300 gold
9th-16th place: 150 gold

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