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Generals: Unidentified Tanks Spotted!

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We’re about to let you in on the best kept secret for fans of historic fighting vehicles - World of Tanks Generals has tons of tanks that the World of Tanks PC version has never seen! Check out just a few of the strange and awesome vehicles that you can command in Wargaming’s tactical card game in our preview below. Fancy giving the game ago?




T-24, Medium Tank, Tier 1

A pre-WWII Soviet design, the T-24 was a medium tank that never saw combat. It was manufactured in the city of Kharkov and, although it had its faults, it formed a crucial step in the development of Soviet tank technology.


T-35-1, Heavy Tank, Tier 1

A heavy tank of the interwar period that was famous for its multiple turrets. The tank actually saw some service in WWII (The Great Patriotic War) where it is recorded as being present during the Battle of Moscow.

Elements of the tank exist in World of Tanks PC edition as the chassis was used for various Soviet SPGS, notably the SU-14 series:


T-21, Medium Tank, Tier 1

Like the similarly named T-15 and T-25, the T-21 was another Czech designed-tank. Unlike the latter two, this particular medium tank currently appears in World of Tanks Generals only.  The main design for the T-21 began in September 1936, and the first prototype was completed in May 1937. From this design, many variants were made that continued after the war.

A7V, Heavy Tank, Tier 1

The A7V was a German tank introduced during in 1918 during the latter stages of WW1. Originally, 100 vehicles were ordered in early 1918. The A7V saw action from March to October of the same year, and were the only tanks produced by Germany in World War I that were used in operations.



Liberty, Heavy Tank, Tier 1

Designed in 1917, the Liberty Tank, otherwise known as The International, was a tank design shared amongst the nations of the Triple Entente and the USA in World War I.

T6, Medium Tank, Tier 1

An early name for the M4 Sherman, the T6 was originally one of five design proposals for a medium tank put forth by the US Army in April 1941. The T6 had the same chassis as the M2A1 and M3, but included a new turtle shell hull, doors at the side of the hull and a central one combined with the turret.

Which of these tanks would you most like to see in World of Tanks PC? Let us know why on the forums! Order of Battle!