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World of Tanks Generals: Update 0.6.0 is Live !


The time is nigh to step up and take command of a vast, virtual army in World of Tanks Generals! Play your cards right and you just might find the path to glory…

Wargaming’s tactical card game, World of Tanks Generals, is now available for everyone to play for free! After nearly five months in Open Beta and three in Soft Launch on the Appstore, World of Tanks Generals is finally about to be released globally on the web and iOS tablets.

For the complete list of the changes made in Version 0.6.0, check out the patch notes in our forum. 

All you need is a Wargaming.net ID and you will be able to get straight into the action!





About World of Tanks Generals

World of Tanks Generals is a free-to-play, browser-based card game, focused on deck-building and strategic combat. It is currently available on iOS and via the World of Tanks Generals official website.

The turn-based gameplay features epic units from World War II and beyond. With numerous cards at your disposal, each battle turns into an intense combination of sudden strikes, massive onslaughts and cunning tactical trickery. The goal is to outplay your opponent’s bridgehead in dynamic 1-vs-1 encounters. Destroy the enemy HQ for ultimate victory!


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Play today and prepare for the Order of Battle!