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Version 9.8: Map Changes

Noticias generales
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Update 9.8 will bring some changes to the topography of certain maps to make the gameplay more balanced. Here’s a handy summary of some of what you can expect:



1. The terrain was made more regular.
2. The area in the eastern part of the map was made equally accessible for both teams.
3. The plateau was made more “attractive” (for more even distribution of vehicles on the map and gameplay variations).


Sand River


1. The mountain was made more accessible for the left base team.
2. The height of the slope was reduced which should fix the imbalance in the Assault mode.
3. The height of the middle spot position was reduced which prevents easy defense of the right base in Standard battle.
4. Some opportunities for long-range fire were removed, which allows the assaulting team to break through the defense of the right base.
5. The height of the sand dune was reduced to fix the imbalanced position of the right base.




1. Multiple balance-related adjustments.
2. Some height differences between the sides were reduced to increase comfort of play.
3. Additional approach options for both sides were added.


Other Changes - Siegfried Line

Knowing the terrain is crucial for a tactical approach!