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Update 9.14: Additional Features Summary

Noticias generales
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Update 9.14 will bring a couple of smaller, but very useful features that will definitely improve your gaming experience. Here's a handy summary of what's coming and what it will do for you:

Updated Minimap

The minimap will now display special circles to show the vehicle draw distance, your maximum view range and also your current view range.

Of course, there will also be the possibility to switch the draw distance display and spotting range circles on and off at will in the game settings.

The spotting range circle depends on many factors that affect the value of your vehicle's view range (set equipment such as Coated Optics/Binocular Telescope, crew skills/perks, consumables, etc.).

Personal Reserves

Personal Reserves will be available in all game modes, except for Battle Training, Tank Company Battles and Trainings.

Moreover, changes were made to the Personal Reserve activation UI: filters were added that make it possible to sort the reserves by scale and type of resource.

Goal-Setting Personal Missions

On the tab "Recruit Training," a block of missions called "Maneuvers" was added for completing while using vehicles of Tiers IV-V. The main condition for activating the "Maneuvers"  missions is completing a special mission. "Maneuvers" missions will be available to players that have registered after the 9.10 update release and have completed the "Further Research" mission of "Recruit Training". 

Simplified Vehicle Module Research  

To simplify the process of familiarising new players with the game, the research system for Tiers I and II has been changed. Tier I Vehicles will have just one module available for research - a gun. Tier II vehicles, on the other hand, will have limited number of modules for research.

Battle Loading Screens

Loading screens of maps appearing before the battle have been reworked. Players now have the opportunity to choose the display format of the loading screen. There are three options of display available in settings:

  • Old style of loading screen
  • Loading screen with map
  • Loading screen with tips

In order to choose the format you need to go to "Settings" in the client and in the "Game" tab to choose the format you're interested in:


Which new feature are you most interested in, Commanders?