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Celebrate The Grand Finals With Razer Arena!

Celebrate The Grand Finals with Razer Arena and create your own World of Tanks tournament today!

What is Razer Arena we hear you ask?

Razer Arena makes organising and competing in tournaments easier than ever. Complete with features that allow for easy tournament creation, automatic reporting of match results, scheduled match notifications and an all-encompassing chat functionality powered by Razer Comms. Razer Arena is truly the most advanced automated tournament platform in the market.

Claim your free codes and take part in The Grand Raffle!

Additionally, Razer Arena and Wargaming have joined forces to host a special raffle and give away in-game goods for the first 50 thousand fans of The Grand Finals.

And for all fans of The Grand Finals, we prepared a small in-game bonus! What you need to do is to log in or create an account (RazerID) and verify your World of Tanks account on Razer Arena before claiming the prize. The bonus code contains 1 Day of Premium Account and 1 Large Repair Kit. You will also receive 2 invite codes to share with your friends!



Also, those who log in or create an account will automatically be entered into the Grand Raffle Prize draw. There will be five winners, each winning the following:

  • Tier VIII German Premium Light Tank, LeKpz M 41 90mm GF
  • 3,000
  • 7 days of Premium Account
  • Razer Chroma Bundle