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Rampage: Personal Missions

Unique vehicles, female crew members, tons of credits, consumables and experience – all these can be earned as a reward for completing Personal Missions. Up until now, these missions could be completed only in Random Battle mode. After the update, Personal Missions will become available in Rampage mode as well.


About Personal Missions

The new Personal Missions for Rampage mode can be found in the section Missions (top left corner) in the game client.

The Personal Missions of the Rampage mode are presented as the Second Campaign: Firestorm that is available in the tab Campaigns in the game client.

Two chains of Personal Missions are available, one for each of the battle types: Steel Hunt and Domination. Each chain of Personal Missions contains 10 basic missions and 5 final missions. A Personal Mission has two conditions: primary and secondary. Primary conditions are obligatory. Secondary conditions increases the reward for a completed mission but only when the primary condition is fulfilled. 

The final missions become available after completing 10 basic missions with or without honours. If a Personal Mission is completed without honours, players can try it again to improve the result and earn the additional reward.

Important! Only one mission from each battle type (Steel Hunt and Domination) can be active at a given time. Personal Missions can be completed in any vehicle type of the corresponding Tier.


Completing Personal Missions in Rampage mode will also give you the opportunity to acquire the following:

  • Unique vehicle: By completing both of the final missions, players will earn a unique Soviet Tier X vehicle, the T-22 medium. This event vehicle does not require crew retraining when using crew members from another vehicle of the same nation and type. For more information about the tank, please refer to our dedicated article.
  • Female crew members: Players will be able to recruit a female crew member for completion of each mission chain and select her nation, vehicle, and qualification. In addition, each female crew member already has the Sisterhood of Steel perk by default. Please note that this perk works only when all crew members on the vehicle are female.
  • Additional bonuses: By completing the primary and secondary conditions of Personal Missions, players can earn a considerable amount of credits (6,200,000 credits, if all 30 Personal Missions are completed with honours). Personal Reserves for additional Free Experience, Crew Experience and Combat Experience will also be granted as a reward (in total, 56 Personal reserves of each type for completion of all Personal Missions).

Important: Please be aware that all information about this feature provided in the article is subject to change and may be amended, supplemented, or even discarded completely upon the official release. 


Will you be able to live up to the task and complete the new missions?