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Introducing The Proving Ground Battle Mode

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A new PvE (player vs environment) Battle Mode called “Proving Ground” will be made available with Update 9.12. This has been designed as a tutorial PvE-mode that allows novice tankers to make their first steps in World of Tanks. Get acquainted with basic game mechanics and prove yourself in battles against a team of AI-controlled bots!


This feature can be selected from the Battle Mode drop-down menu in the Garage:

Please note - text in the above screenshot is in English only but Proving Grounds will be available in a localised form by release.


Battles take place in 10 vs 15 format. The player team comprises 3 to 7 tankers, with the rest of the team controlled by AI-bots. On the enemy team, 15 bots are ready to test your skills! Check out the infographic below for further details of how this exciting new Mode will function:


Roll Out!