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Master of Orion Hits The Galaxy Hard!

It's the moment you've been waiting for: Master of Orion has left Early Access! For those looking to pick up the game, we now have two different editions, both currently on sale, that you can purchase from GOG and Steam.

As mentioned before, the Standard Edition is available for £22.99/ €27.99 from today!

  • Standard Edition
  • Collector's Edition (containing all three original Master of Orion games and an additional exclusive race: the Terran Khanate)


For those of you looking to pick up the Collector's Edition, there's a little bit of welcome news: for the next 10 days (from 25 August to 4 September), this Edition will be 15% off!

Purchase the Collector's Edition or Standard Edition from GOG or Steam.

You can find out more about what each edition contains on our dedicated page!

Also, don't forget you can get your hands on 1997's iconic RTS, Total Annihilation, for free by simply linking your WG account in Master of Orion – check out the appropriate site for more information!

Blood, sweat, tears and other unimaginable alien fluids have been poured into this game, so we at WG Labs, NGD Studios and elsewhere round the world hope you enjoy it as much as we have creating it!


Now what are you waiting for? Go and master Orion!