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Wargaming Store: November Resupply!

It would be a dull month if there were no new additions to your Wargaming Store, so don't fret – we've got several new products available for you! There are six Cobi Nano Tanks and a collection of new additions for any intrepid Commander or Captain!

We've got patches and pins for both World of Tanks and World of Warships. The patches and pins are die-cut and die-cast respectively. Alongside them, there's a handful of products from our partnership with GBeye. They include two art prints, finished in a custom-made 25mm black wooden frame and two mugs, useful for a refreshing bev in the midst of battle!



Also, the new Cobi Nano Tanks have made their way to the Wargaming Store! These pint-sized brawlers pack the same aesthetic punch as their larger brethren, and they would make the perfect gift for any "lil tankistas"! Each tank is made up of up to 72 bricks and also comes with in-game consumables for World of Tanks PC! The six purchasable from the Wargaming Store are:

  • Protecting the Motherland are the SU-85 and the T-34
  • Hailing from the Fatherland, the Leopard I, the Tiger I and the Panther
  • Serving the United Kingdom, the ever-trusty Cromwell


With your Wargaming Store, simplicity is paramount, so you can browse and shop with your Wargaming ID, and there's no need to worry about long shipping delays or duty fees: the Wargaming Store ships within the EU, from the EU. All packages are shipped via DHL, so you can track your products every step of the way!

One last thing: Delivery is free if you spend over €80!

Check out all the new wares available at your Wargaming Store!