Special: After School Party! important

Party for victory in these special missions and earn fantastic in-game rewards! rolls out to Firstlook 2014 in Utrecht important will be visiting Utrecht, Netherlands to attend Firstlook 2014

Change Your Password Event

We are launching a “Change Your Password” event. During this event, every player that changes their password will receive 300 gold in their account.

Twilight of The Gods: Clan Interviews

The Dark Gods have been defeated and their vanquishers emerged as heroes! Check out what they had to say about the event and their participation.

Video: Science of Victory – Season 1 Finale

In the last episode of Science of Victory Season 1, we continue our final tactical review of Himmelsdorf.

Premium Shop: Heavy Weight Champion important

Check out the highlights of this week’s Premium Shop offers!

Special: Graduation Party important

The first month of school is coming to an end! Let’s celebrate on the battlefield with some great bonuses!

Video: Inside the Tanks TOG II* important

A new Inside the Tanks video? It must be in celebration of something momentous…

9.3 Update: Changes in Clan Structures important

Clan hierarchies and positions have been reworked. Read now for more info.

Twilight of the Gods – Dark Gods Invasion Thwarted!

Rejoice, for the world has been saved from the darkness of Ragnarok! Read now to learn all about it!