The FV4202 Takes Aim


Are you looking for a great sniper? Do you need a new support tank when rolling out in a team? Is your British tank collection missing something that can reliably deal damage? Well, you're in luck! We have just the right offer for you.

The VIII FV4202 is a formidable British medium tank with an exquisite 20-pounder gun and bouncy hull armor. It might not cause the most damage per shot, but outstanding penetration, accuracy, and gun depression, paired with above-average aiming time and high shell velocity, will allow you to hit the mark every time. And in the true fashion of a great sniper, its view range is also top of the line.

Spot this great sharpshooter in the Premium Shop right now and don’t forget to take aim at the additional offers.

FV4202 Offer

Available from February 17 at 06:00 CET through February 24 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1)

Package Contents FV4202 100% Trained Crew Garage Slot World of Tanks Premium Account x5 XP Mission Personal Reserve: +300% Crew XP for 2 hours Discount
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How do the x5 XP missions work?



  • x5 XP for a battle


  • Win a battle
  • Place among the top 10 on your team by base XP earned


  • Random Battles only
  • Can only be completed with the vehicle in the bundle
    • Exception: special bundles with the main content being x5 XP missions
  • This mission will be active after achieving the first victory of the day bonus in the vehicle you want to complete it with

Other Offers

Available from February 17 at 06:00 CET through February 24 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1)

  • 15 500
  • 10 000 000
ends in:
They See Me Rollin'
  • 3 500
  • 3 500 000
  • 30 days of WoT Premium Account
  • 30 Large Repair Kits
ends in:
Support Drop
  • 3 150
  • 1 000 000
ends in:


Roll Out!

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