Unlock YouTube Subscriber Codes Before They Disappear in April



We've gained over 100,000 new subscribers since we started YouTube Subscriber Giveaways back in September—an incredible feat we couldn't have achieved without you! The total increased by 12,000 in March, which means a full bounty of great rewards is coming your way.

We are saying goodbye to YouTube Subscriber Giveaways at the end of April, so make sure to subscribe now to catch the last of the codes! We will be coming up with new ways to reward our loyal YouTube fans, so keep an eye out for upcoming events. Learn how YouTube Subscriber Giveaways work below.

Throughout April, discover and claim Standard Codes and Joker Codes hidden in random YouTube videos. April has several rewards on offer, but there will only be 2,000 Joker Code unlocks! Don't miss out, and remember that all codes will be exclusively available to players on the EU server.

Top tip: Subscribe to our English YouTube channel and ring the bell to be notified when new videos are released. The Giveaway does not apply to our German and Polish YouTube channels, but everyone is entitled to try to claim the goodies! Just be quick—there are limited unlocks available.

April Giveaways

Standard Code (7)

Joker Code (?)

  •  3 Personal Reserves: +200% to Crew XP for 1 hour
  •  3 Large Repair Kits
  • 3 missions for x5 XP per victory
  •  3 days of WoT Premium Account
  •  3 High Voltage decals
  • 3 missions for x5 XP per victory

How YouTube Subscriber Giveaways Work

Standard Codes

April's first Standard Code will appear in the Monthly Rundown video. Keep an eye on the portal and YouTube so you don't miss out. More codes will be hidden in random videos throughout the month.

We gained over 12,000 new subscribers in March, so there will be seven Standard Codes to claim in April!

Joker Codes

A Joker Code will be hidden in a random video each month. It offers the juiciest rewards, but there will only be 2,000 unlocks available for EU players in April, so be quick!

Top tip: Subscribe to our English channel and ring the bell to be notified when new videos are released.

News Recap

  • Over 12,000 new YouTube subscribers joined us in March.
  • Find seven Standard Codes and a Joker Code hidden in April YouTube videos.
  • April will be the final month of YouTube Subscriber Giveaways.

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