Angela & Damon: the New Battle Pass Heroes


We've got reinforcements! You've probably already read about the newcomers in the previous article. But now it's time to find out which tanks they command. Everything suggests that these are unique vehicles! As for their commanders, not much is known. One of them is a girl named Angela.

She's a Self-Propelled Fortress for a Medic

Now how did this combat medic become a tank crew member? People say that her medical vehicle was knocked out in a battle and that she used a damaged tank to evacuate the wounded.

Perhaps it happened, but if you look at her tank now, it's hard to imagine that this vehicle once belonged to Doctor Dolittle, let alone the military.

Angela's  X TVP T 50/51  resembles a self-propelled fortress equipped with all kinds of weapons. The appearance of the vehicle is enough to strike terror in the hearts of enemies and make them flee the battlefield. Winning a battle without firing a single shot is the best result a former paramedic can wish for!

Perils can lie in wait for armored vehicles everywhere, even underground. Angela foresaw this possibility as well, equipping her vehicle with a TMP-4 mine plow.

The mine plow consists of two blades, two lifting mechanisms, electrical equipment, and a coupling device. It can safely guide the armored vehicle through a minefield. But only this one.

It's typical of Angela, a person ready to complete the most difficult missions alone, to take on all the risk herself. If necessary, her vehicle can cross the bottom of a pool as the turret is fitted with equipment for underwater driving, specifically for this purpose.

Girl With a Gun

The TVP T 50/51 is well-armed, in addition to the main gun. It comes equipped with a twin anti-aircraft mount consisting of two 12.7 mm DShK machine guns. A mount like this can punch extra holes not only in an aircraft, but also in a light tank. For example, its armor-piercing incendiary bullet with a B-32 steel core can pierce 20 mm of armor from 100 meters.

At the same time, Angela always carries a gun. Not just any gun, but an assault rifle. You might think it's a modification of the famous Kalashnikov, but you'll be mistaken. Aside from sharing the same cartridge—a 7.62 × 39 mm—the AK and the Sa vz. 58P have nothing in common.

Why does she think so highly of it? It's simple. The Sa vz. 58P is an elegant and reliable weapon, and it's a Czech weapon, which is the most important aspect. After all, Angela is from... well, we'll talk about that later. For now, let's take a closer look at the rear of the vehicle.

Guided by the principle "there can never be too many guns," this girl fixed a Vz.59 82 mm recoilless rifle to the back. However, it's disassembled. The gun's secured to the left, while the platform's fastened to the stern.

This thing is quite serious. The projectile of this gun pierces armor up to 250 mm thick. It was often mounted on light armored vehicles, including the OT-810 and the OT-62 armored personnel carrier.

What Do the Inscriptions on the Vehicle Mean?

If you suddenly decide to write a letter to Angela, you won't have any difficulties finding out where this pretty girl is from. There's a big hint on the vehicle itself.

There's the large inscription "Pravda vítězí" on the left side. Translated into English, this means: "Truth will triumph". This is the national motto of the Czech Republic. There's another interesting inscription—"Strašnice"—on the right side. If you want to write a letter to Angela, then you should remember this word as it is a district of Prague.

But where does the girl live? Another inscription on the frontal plate of the hull—Pražačka (Prague girl)—answers this question. But these are just guesses. You can learn more about this charming tank girl from the comic series of the new Battle Pass Season. Stay tuned for more news!

This Is the Real Vietnam

One glance at the  X M48A5 Patton  "Pipeline" is enough to understand that it's dangerous to play games with the commander. The firepower of this vehicle can blaze a trail through the jungle, and the ammo and stocks would be sufficient to mount several daring raids behind enemy lines.

A Lone Wolf

Yes, this is the legendary Lieutenant Kilmore of the Patton. We don’t know much about this guy so far, but the members of his crew say that the commander is incredibly tough and capable of cutting through the tracks of an enemy vehicle with his own teeth.

It might be true though, because Lieutenant Kilmore once admitted that he loves the smell of napalm in the morning. That's probably why he always keeps a flamethrower, which is mounted on the turret's right side.

This is the M9A1-7, the main "infantry" flamethrower of the US Army and Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. Depending on the task and circumstances, the flamethrower tanks can be filled with a "light" (liquid) mixture based on gasoline or with the more effective napalm. The flame-throwing range of the M9A1-7 reaches 40 meters.

The M48A5 Patton “Pipeline” is a perfect choice for war in the jungle. Thanks to special mounts on the frontal hull armor, a bulldozer blade can quickly be attached to the vehicle, allowing it to push through rubble. The camouflage net will reliably protect the "Pipeline" from prying eyes in green foliage.

And You Can Never Have Too Many Machine Guns!

A machine gun on a tank, in addition to fending off enemy infantry, can perform many useful functions, such as adjusting fire, marking targets, and, finally, helping defend against aerial targets. It's no surprise that Lieutenant Kilmore wanted such a useful instrument in as large a quantity as possible.

That's why the vehicle is equipped with an additional twin anti-aircraft turret consisting of two large-caliber Browning M2 machine guns. This is an extremely powerful and reliable weapon. With such weapons in one's arsenal, a person can easily hunt a T-Rex or shoot down an attack aircraft. I wonder which of these are among Kilmore’s trophies? Another Browning M2 is placed above the gun mantlet.

To the left of the turret, you can find John Rambo's favorite weapon—the M60, a general-purpose U.S. 7.62 mm machine gun. In terms of design, it was basically a hybrid of two systems developed in Germany during the Second World War: the FG-42 automatic rifle (automatic reloading using a gas-operated turning bolt) and the MG 42 machine gun (belt-fed mechanism).

Reserve Stock

The M48A5 Patton “Pipeline” is literally covered with ammunition, equipment, and containers. Rectangular boxes for 40 mm shells are stacked in the stern recess. They were often used to transport personal belongings. Some joker from the crew wrote “Dirty Laundry” on them and painted biohazard and chemical hazard signs.

Behind, there's the M1956 Load-Carrying Equipment (LCE), a standard-issue equipment set for all US forces during the Vietnam War. Also, a pair of shovels and thermoses are attached to the armor. There's even a stretcher fixed to the vehicle. Kilmore probably fell under the influence of a certain charming tanker girl from the Czech Republic.

The AN/PRC-77 radio set can be seen hanging on the spare tracks on the left side. It's unlikely Kilmore uses it to call for help. More likely, he suggests that the enemy commander surrender.

Perhaps the most unusual accessory on the tank is a surfboard.

Kilmore jokes that this is an additional screen, but the crew is sure that their commander is a true surfer at heart. Secretly, they sympathize with the unfortunate swimming near a surfing Kilmore.

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