Do you like to make the most of summer (and the free time that comes with it) by playing as much World of Tanks as possible? Well, good for you! We have a new month full of exciting specials for you! Take a look at what August has in store for you below:

  • Top of the Tree
  • Wargaming 20th Anniversary Special
  • Crew is Crucial
  • Sharing is Caring
  • gamescom is Coming
  • gamescom Special
Top of the Tree

1-31 August: Our new Top of the Tree will be entirely dedicated to the fearsome 113 and its line. Well sloped, this Chinese tank can count on a large HP pool, an overall good gun, and a high top speed. A dangerous vehicle which will soon be yours to master!


30–50% discount on the line leading up to the 113
Wargaming 20th Anniversary Special

3-5 August: Happy birthday, Wargaming! In August, we'll celebrate the Wargaming way with tons of discounts, missions, special camos and emblems, and even a new garage!


x4 XP for the first victory of the day
Crew is Crucial

11-13 August: Crew is Crucial is back! Take care of your men with this special that allows you to train or boost your crews at a discounted price!


x2 Crew XP per battle
Sharing is Caring

18-20 August: Gather your favourite fellow tankers, because in August, Sharing is Caring! Play in a platoon, help your teammates, or join a clan to earn various bonuses!


Big rewards for Team Players!
gamescom is Coming

20-22 August: Get yourself ready for this year's gamescom! If you don't want to wait patiently for one of the big events of the year, we'll have three new missions for you!


Equipment up for grabs!
gamescom Special

23-26 August: We'll finish the month with a bang! This year, we're back at gamescom not only with an amazing booth for our visitors but also with crazy discounts and exciting missions!


x5 XP for the first victory of the day

Roll out!

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