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Generals: How do your favourite tanks perform as cards?


Turning a tank into a card is not only something a magician can do. Our developers thought long and hard about how they could metamorphose some of your favourite machines from World of Tanks into powerful cards in World of Tanks Generals. Let’s take a quick look at how some of the qualities of these tanks have manifested themselves in a new way:

KV-1 – you shall not pass!

In World of Tanks, the KV-1 is a total fortress at Tier V. In World of Tanks Generals, this is more obvious than ever. With a whopping 10 hit points this card is hard to remove from battle, especially considering it still occupies a mid-tier position at Tier VI. Its defences are improved even more if you use it in conjunction with a Soviet HQ as any light tanks or medium tanks firing at this Card will do 1 less damage. To top this all off, the KV-1 also generates 1 Resource per turn (indicated by the fuel tank icon on the top right of the card). This means that not only is it an immovable object, but it is constantly buffing your ability to deploy more Units and play more Orders!




Tiger I – a predator hidden in the bushes

The Tiger I in World of Tanks is a popular if, at times, underwhelming proposition. In World of Tanks Generals, the tank sees a new lease of life as a Tier VIII heavy-tank card. It comes with two Attributes – Rearguard and Camouflage. The former enables the Tiger to be deployed on the battlefield for 0 Resources if it’s the last card in your hand. The latter relies on you using a German HQ but prevents the card from being damaged by artillery or fire from the enemy’s HQ. It is this latter skill that really makes this a deadly heavy-tank card. The Tiger in World of Tanks Generals is a hard-hitting Vehicle card with lots of tricks up its sleeve but it should be played as part of a German deck-build for full effect.'



M7 Priest – why does it always rain on me?

We all know how a well-played artillery piece can really mess up your team in World of Tanks. Well in Generals, much the same can happen, especially with the M7 Priest. This artillery does not hit hard, but the idea of “splash damage” is well-represented on the card by the effect it has when used with a USA HQ. The card causes 2 random cards from your opponent’s deck to be pushed into their casualties’ pile – just like they were caught in a big explosion. This can really speed up a game and cause panic amongst the enemy, as they see their backup tanks disappearing before they have a chance to see combat! The only downside is the massive 6 Resources needed to get this machine onto the battlefield.



Has this whet your appetite for playing a round of World of Tanks Generals?

World of Tanks Generals can be played in-browser through the official World of Tanks Generals portal. All you need is a ID and you can sign in and play:



Look out for an upcoming article that previews some of the unique armoured vehicles which World of Tanks Generals has that are not yet in the World of Tanks PC version!


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