Exciting Encounters

Welcome to the Exciting Encounters Winter Cup!

This special winter tournament pitches teams against each other in fierce encounter battles, forcing them to adapt tactics and be aggressive, or risk a loss! The Tier limit in this tournaments is relatively low, allowing new teams to try their hand at truly competitive play!

14 v 14 Tier IV limit tournament with a few special rules, running over 1 week

The top 16 teams will receive a gold prize

Gold Prize Allocation:

  • 1st place team: 8000 gold per player
  • 2nd place team: 6000 gold per player
  • 3rd place teams (2): 4000 gold per player
  • 4th place teams (4): 2500 gold per player
  • 5th place teams (8): 1500 gold per player


Admins: Bump (eSports Manager),  0xyde (eSports Coordinator)



Exciting Encounters Cup Rules:

All teams captains must keep up to date on the forums here

  • Team size: 14 players + up to 6 substitutes. Team must be fully registered and accepted before playing (A reserve player may replace a primary player at any time)
  • Any tank maximum Tier IV. Only 3 SPGs per team. Only 3 Tank Destroyers per team.
  • Each player can only play for one team in one tournament, cup or championship
  • Any player can change team if they want. Players are not allowed to play for a new team within 10 days of their departure from their old team, and may not take part in any games and tournaments of his new team during this period. This also applies to newly registered players playing for an existing established team but not for entirely new teams
  • A banned player who’s ban has recently expired cannot play in any new teams or participate in an existing team for 30 days after the expiration of their ban
  • Once the team has been created, it cannot change its name (please be very careful when naming your team)
  • Teams should not steal the name of an existing clan or team, reports of this will be investigated and team names will be changed on a case by case basis
  • Team and player names must not violate the wargaming.net naming rules; any team violating these rules will be disqualified or just not approved
  • Wargaming.net staff or affiliates are NOT prohibited from playing unless they are part of the tournament administration, these people will be stated. (Only a maximum of 2 Wargaming.net employees per active team is allowed)
  • Use of premium tanks, shells and consumables is allowed
  • Teams have 10 minutes before the allocated start time to join the lobby and get ready. If the team is not set to ready after this time elapses the system will automatically grant a win to the other team (if it was ready). In doubt take screenshots and post on the Rules Enforcement thread.
  • Each battle lasts for 15 minutes
  • To win a game, the team will need to destroy all enemy vehicles or capture the base.
  • The first round will be best of 1. Subsequent rounds will be best of 3. The final is best of 5
  • If a match ends in a draw, we will use the 8 tier points rule. "In the case of a draw, the total tier points of surviving tanks will be added up for each team. A team with 8 tier points advantage over their oponent will be the winner" (This must be checked with a screen shot posted on this specific forum within 15 min of the games end) - if there is no clear winner then both teams are disqualified.
  • Starting spawn points for all games will be automatically allocated by the system
  • Games cannot be replayed unless an issue with the set up causes a problem. Unfortunately we will be unable to restart games due to disconnections or PC crashes. In the case of problems with the system the games are NOT to be played - the matches will be remade.
  • First round games will be held on the map Sand River (encounter). All other rounds will use the map pool below (all the maps will be encounter battles):

Ensk, Siegfried Line, Himmelsdorf, Steppes, Murovanka, Sand River

  • The map choice for each round will be stated in the general topic in the forum for the Exciting Encpunters cup in advance of the games.


  • Official casters will be stated before any tournament starts on the forum by BUMP or 0xyde, if an official caster requests entrance to a game then they must be invited


  • Replays must be provided by the teams from the quarter final onwards, any other replays are always welcome. Details will be provided on where to send these closer to the time, but they can also be uploaded to the Exciting Encounters Cup section of the forums

How to get to the game?

Teams are automatically invited into games, 10 minutes before the start of the game, there is a great guide to this here:


and a guide on what to do when you have the invite is here:


Looking for team members? check here:



The eSports Team

Participating Teams

-->MAGYAROK IDE<-Jelszó:magyar, 1 Dyw. Zmech., Československá Tanková Divize, #TrollArmy, $ecuritas, (Polscy maniacy Pancerza), ***Polski squad***, --*RO TEAM*--, -XL- Ultra, 1CZPD, 1st PAD Wieczorową porą, 34 Brygada Kawalerii Pancernej, Armored Dogs Cz/Sk, BadSideOpponent, BASTION ZNISZCZENIA, Black Devils, BlackDemons, Campers, Cereal Killers Xmas Team (MUROP), Chicken Invaders, commbat44, CONFORD [H-EXP], corazzata 133, CZ1TD, CzE, DAC - 4fun, DGC CLAN, EXmachina, Fanatikus Magyarok, Friedens Einheit, Független Magyar Csapat, GardeKorps FGE, Germantankkiller, Gods of War, HAD-Marines, HMR - świąteczny Team :), Hound Dogs, HP-CZ-SK, husangok, HUZAR 1, Împuncişări Învîrtoşate, KAP, Kazna Kru, KellerKinder, Killerkomando, KKND-WÖLFE, Les Maraudeurs francais, Lithuanian armored forces, Ludovika Harcosai, M-D-T, My, ze Západu, Narodowy PNAF, Odem Mortis - West EU, Piton Squad, Pluton 2BP, Polish Crusaders, Raiders of Turk, Renegade Operatives Regiment, risoto mojamoto, S.W.A.T., SBP Fallen Magic Warriors, Stalowi Łowcy 2, Steel Storm, SVEJK, TET banane, TWoS, USSR, VALKYRA, Water And Fire Tanks CZ, W_P_H1020, ZGBP, [-HOT-] Hobbiból tankozunk!, [1804] Serbian Rebels 1804, [FUNS] Fun Fighterss, [VSOP], 250 hispana, CAOS, HUNS - Underdogs, SPALE, [PAA] Polskie Anioły Apokalipsy, WALKING TALL & Friends, -Death-Company-, BPP ELITE GUARD, Pierwsza Kompania Piwowarska, HDF, 11 Dywizja SG, Heroji, CSDS, Lemming Train, FullTrothle, Frogswarm, 7arsi7, RedTigery_pl, The Cross Métal, French Squad, s-m, The-Rising-Legacy, *******PFTF********POLSKA, italian's B52, [BTM_A]Bellatore Mortis Akademia, HIENA- Heroiczni Łowcy Fragów, 7 Compagnie, S-D Strikeforce, IMP, -PAS-, GOP, BENCH, BORG, Bloody 1MTB, Red Tide Encounter wave, SLF Rookies, Super Saiyan, TAC- und WOA, TAP, HBPIV HellenicBestPlayerswithIVt, 1st PAD - Catch Me If You Can, CZP1, GREEK FORCE NO1, B0T0VI, Pohjolan-peltilehmät, [SZRP]Siły Zbrojne RP, Team Munich Panzer Division, The_Chosen_Few, Snoobs, 1.DPZB, [1-LEW] Polish Warlions, Fun Cup Masters, SERBA FUN, WUSAR FUN CLAN, Keep Calm and Gangnam On, CMTP1, Słowiańska Unia Militarna