Update 9.2 is here

Version 9.2 brings some new content as well as fixes and some vehicle balancing. Below you will find a handy summary of the additions and changes:

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New Game Mode: Strongholds

This game mode was designed specifically for clan members. It is available in the game client and has no connection to Clan Wars or any other activities on the Global Map. Strongholds represent clan property and consist of a virtual military base, zones surrounding it, and auxiliary buildings.

For additional information, please refer to our feature article.

IMPORTANT: Due to Update 9.2, the Global Map in Clan Wars will be undergoing maintenance from 31 July at 01:15 until 01 August 01:15 CEST (GMT +2), during which it will be frozen. Players with a Premium account active during the maintenance will be compensated.


 New Observer Mode for Training Battles

Version 9.2 also brings an experimental Observer Mode for Training Battles. In this mode, you will be able to follow the action from the perspective of any player on either team.


4 Tanks Reworked in HD

The update brings you another 4 vehicles reworked for HD. These include the IS, SU-100, Stug III Ausf. G and Churchill I:

New Medals and Achievements

Version 9.2  features 9 new achievements and medals that can be obtained in Team Battles, Clan Wars and Strongholds. These are:

  •          Brute Force
  •          Guerilla
  •          Infiltrator
  •          Battle Tested
  •          Achilles’ Heel
  •          Sentinel
  •          Rotmistrov’s Medal
  •          Capturer
  •          Soldier of Fortune

For further information, please refer to our feature article.


Vehicle Rebalancing

In addition to the new content, there will also be some balancing changes, mostly for high-tier vehicles. These will primarily affect the following vehicles:


Map Changes

Many maps will undergo changes to ensure more balanced gameplay for both teams:


For complete list of changes and additions please refer to the Updates section on the website.


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