Technical Defeat

Amongst other tricky situations such as a team being “declined”, there is also a possibility of a team losing due to a “technical defeat”. What is a technical defeat? How can it be avoided? All of the above can be found in this short guide!


What is technical defeat?

A technical defeat is a situation when a team gets a special battle invite (an invite to a tournament) but doesn’t join the battle due to the team not being ready. This situation can occur when the teams forget to actually join the room, as depicted on the screenshot below:


Any player can move members to team lobby (room), so be sure all players are ready and moved into the room on the right hand side, as shown below.


We only had 3 players as in the room. The indicator in the left upper corner counts the players in the room and showed 3/10. That is why we added 7 additional players*.

On top right corner you can see the word LEVEL. That number shows the total number of tier points your team has. The number of tier points can also vary depending on a specific tournament, and all players should read the rules of a specific tournament in order to be avoid any possible problems.

If your team is ready to go and has the proper amount of people and tier points, it should automatically join the tournament battle! Good luck!



*Please bear in mind that the number of players in a specific tournament may vary! For details please read the specific tournament rules available on the tournament page.


Disclaimer: Please remember that the above guide is general and may not apply to every tournament you can come across. It applies only to Wargaming tournaments and not to tournaments organised by any 3rd party.